No sound from tweeters - is it the tweeters or crossover at fault?

Hi everyone. Recently purchased some B&W CM5 speakers. The tweeters are not working on both speakers. I have tried disconnecting the bi-wire link and only amplifying the HF post (at low volume of course). No sound at all. Is there a way to tell if it is the tweeters that are bad or if the problem lies with the crossovers?

Along those lines - I have looked at the B&W parts store at tweeters and crossovers. It appears that the crossover for the CM5 S2 is actually cheaper than the regular CM5 crossover. If it was determined that the crossover was at fault do you think its likely that I could use the cheaper, newer crossover?
use conventional multi-meter to test out speaker crossover components one after another disconnected (one lead enough). not too many and no effort. start with higher power resistors.
Do your speakers have a fuse? One speaker I owned had a fuse to protest the tweeters only - the mids and woofers played without a problem - tweeters were dead.

Changed the fuse and all was good again

Regards - Steve
Can't imagine there being a crossover problem, however it is possible.  It is most likely the tweeter.  I believe that the CM5s2 has a rear plate,  remove that plate and find the lead that goes to the tweeter,  Measure across the leads with the ohm rating on a meter, being an 8 ohm tweeter,  you get a dc resistance measurement of around 6 to 7 ohms or so. Tweeter is good.   If you don't get a reading, they you have a broken voice coil,  if you get a shorted reading then you coil has been burnt.  In either case, you would need to replace your diaphragm.   Ask B&W if they sell a replacement diaphragm for the tweeter... Also,  If I am correct, B&W uses electrolytic caps on this series,  while you are repairing them, replace them with a decent polypropylene (even a cheap polyprop) and you will get a clear improvement on sound. 
switch the tweeters between the speakers - still no sound then it's the crossover. If you get sound using the other tweeter, then it's the original tweeter that is bad. (or use a cheapo tweeter from Fry's or something if you don't want to risk your other working tweeter)

I am voting with others hear that it's the tweeter. a crossover failing and killing output to a tweeter is unlikely.

I recently had to fo this with my Revels and it was the original tweeter that was bad.