Noblesse Audio Furniture??

This stuff still avaliable? It looks like very nice furniture.

Steve O.
Core Designs has similar looking products Steve.

Type in Core Designs in Audiogon search and you will see example racks, amp stands, and acoustic treatments.
i was looking for it at one time, but could never come up with a dealer. i ended up purchasing a pair of core furniture mod3 racks ( which are very similar in design to the noblesse racks i had my eye on.

a big plus for me with the core racks are they are filled with lead, granite, and iron granules which appears to help with emi rejection. each platform also has a 6mm aluminum-looking damping sheet which also aides in shielded equipment from emi and such from the components below.
Actually Kgturner that was my experience as well. I could not find a dealer that carried the items I wanted.

In addition, Core Furniture packaging... outstanding! Each platform stand is double boxed with form fitting material. The platforms I have are very strong and heavy plus they look like furniture.

Steve here is the site I was trying to find for you:
Thanks everybody for the info. I went to Core Designs website. They seem to have listed prices for everything except what I need: a rack. But I will email them.

Thanks again,

Steve O.