Node X

Anyone had a chance to hear the Node X and compare it to the N130? I am thinking of trying one to dip my toe in streaming for the first time.


I'm surprised that Apple Music would sound best via Chromecast. I don't think the BlueSound Node does Chromecast. 

I did a chat with Audio Advisor about the sound and the response was that the sound would break in and open up. It's not bad now, just edgy on the top end. 

I've been busy working but I was able to spend time listening with the Node X on Tuesday and then tonight. The hard edge is softening but I'm also purposefully listening to pretty trebly stuff. I really like the band Alvvays and Molly Rankin has a great voice but with the jangly guitars and trebly voice, their songs have alvvays been used by me as a test for speakers and amplifiers to see what they do with the sound. 

So right now I am extremely happy with the Node X. Simple to use. Sets itself up. Easy to connect. Excellent sound. Haven't tried the headphones.

I've played some Apple Music and it sounds great. I did research streaming services and it looks like, if I need more than Apple Music, I might go with Tidal (probably second tier) but right now, I feel like a novice with a short attention span with streaming and I don't know what more I'd need than Apple Music. Maybe someone could explain the differences and why one might be better. 

I am really interested to see how you feel after you have some hours on it. The one thing I really can't put up with is a hard, etched treble. I hav chosen electronics and speakers to specifically avoid that trait in my room with my ears.

@stuartbmw3 Me too definitely. Hate hard, etched treble. It is already making good progress and, for me, who isn't going to do much streaming, it is already a success and pretty much what I want. I went after the Node X because of the better DAC and along with the wifi and ease of use, it is exactly what I wanted.