USB Cable for Node 2 - Type B

I've been shopping on line for a USB cable to run between my cable box and Node 2. They all seem to be Type A to Type B. The A will go into the cable box. The Node 2 specs say:


1 x Type-A (Fat32 or NTSF formatted) port for connection to USB memory sticks and supported peripherals
1 x Type-B (mini) for product servicing

Can the Type B be used as an input, like the Type A? Is a Type B input available on streamers in general?

SERVICE: Use the SERVICE port in conjunction with USB (Type B Mini) to initially load firmware on the Player. This is not for consumer use. Only Authorized Bluesound Service personnel can access this USB port and SERVICE control button. 

Looks like it's only for service.
Thanks. Strange that a Type B connector can't be used on the streamer, as that seems to be such a common connection on audiophile USB cables.