Noise Harvester battles the Monster

I have a Monster HTS3600 power station that I've been using for a while. Recently I picked up a PS Audio Noise Harvester. I was surprised to see that plugging it into some of the outlets on the 3600 caused the Harvester to go wild -- emitting light almost constantly. The other outlets on the 3600 made the Harvester act the same as if it had been plugged into a wall socket -- i.e. only an occasional flicker.

I expected that the 3600 would have cleaned up enough stuff that the Harvester would barely register, but just the opposite occurred. Any ideas what's going on?

(I almost titled it Noise Harvester battles the 10-headed monster, but then I thought that power conditioners don't really have extra heads, they have extra anuses. :-)
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Well, as surprising as it may seem, the only explanation that suggests itself is that the HTS3600's digital circuits (which include a microprocessor) are coupling digital noise onto some of its outputs.

You could pretty much confirm that by bringing a battery-powered portable AM transistor radio near the power station, with its dial tuned to the low end of the band (near 540kHz), while nothing is plugged into the power station. You'll probably hear an increase in the volume of static or background noise on the radio.

-- Al
Thank you Al for your suggestion. I tried this last night, but I could not detect any change in the static on the radio. In any case, I am looking into other power conditioners.