Non-Compressed Alternative of CDs

I have been away from this forum for quite awhile. So please forgive me if this is a worn-out topic. I have an extensive CD collection. But as you are aware, many new releases are no longer available in CD format. I have been reluctant over the years to download music from sources like Apple since the compressed format compromises the sound quality. That being said, are there any other non-compressed music sources (other than vinyl) for me to transition toward given the demise of the CD is inevitable? Thank you so much for your input.
For now, I tend to concur with lowrider57. I will likely continue to purchase CDs whenever possible.
In addition to, are they other recommended sources for CDs? In the past I have used Amazon & CD Universe. But often certain CDs are not available from them. (Of course, I realize that it's often not cost-effective to cut CDs since the rest of the world has moved on to streaming services).
Kitjv, CDs are still big in Japan and friends from the UK tell me CDs are still popular.

Discogs is great since they list all issues of vinyl and CD. For rock I buy the original releases from the 80s and 90s. They have the lowest compression, of course some of them were bettered by remastering. These were remastered to improve quality of old  recordings and not to make them louder. Discogs provides the dates of reissues and you can stay away from the
compressed Loudness Wars releases.

As stated above, use the Dynamic Range Database to see how much compression is used on digital releases.

As you know, buying from Amazon you never know what version of CD you'll get. Ebay has many earlier releases which have low compression. I hope you don't mind buying used. That's all I buy now unless there's a classical release on one of the better record labels. 

If integrating your ripped CD collection is important or interesting to you, check out ROON. What’s nice about it is you can play from your library, from Tidal or Qobuz etc. - but best of all are the metadata links to bands, albums, tracks etc. You need a ROON-ready playback component (more prevalent now in many newer streamers/DACs etc.) and it costs $144/yr. (I think). I control everything from it including some Sonos gear I have in other parts of the house. Pricey maybe - but to me - the full Monty