Noob dac question.

So I'm using outlaw 975, with 60xt speakers and the audioengine b1.  Right now I have the optical running to the 975. Will there be much improvement if I use the b1 dac?  I'm all out of cords so I would have to order one. 
Maybe if you could write in a language that people will understand perhaps someone could then help you out.
Are you using the B1 DAC via bluetooth or wired?  Bluetooth has some limitations when compared to toslink or coax.  My money is on the Outlaw.
Sorry guys just to be clear.  I'm referring to the outlaw 975 processor and the b1 bluetooth.  I’m using the outlaw dac currently, and bluetooth for streaming tidal.  Eventually I will upgrade to a wifi streamer. 

Thank you
Streaming via bluetooth has limitations.  It should sound good but will sound better with either wifi or wired connections.