Nordost Purple Flare Speaker Cable

Just wanted to say these cables are pretty much what reviewers have said..but the biggest surprise..Was that I needed to dial my volume down from -16db to -24db..It plays Loud..And there is an ease of music coming through

Previous cable: Audioquest Type 4
Speakers : Cremona M Auditor
DAC: Chord QuteHD
Amp/pre: MRX 510
Source: MiniMac

The sibilance is an issue in poor source songs...But separation of instruments even in MP3's is such a welcome change.
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Funny old world.
I upgraded to purple flare from AQ cables, don't remember the model and was floored in the extra detail and speed revealed.
Just upgraded again to red dawn.
Not as large a change imho but still one I can hear.
Enjoy the cables!
Maybe some tube amps can reduce the harshness a bit...even tidal music at times seems excessively sharp and shrill...Bollywood music has a lot of it