Nordost Solar Wind with high current amp?

Has anyone used the Nordost Solar Wind speaker cable with a high current power amp? I'm using the Aragon 8008BB amp.I will biwire my speakers.
I found them to be detailed, and leaning towards analytical. Your results may vary depending on the equipment.
The Nordost's to me sound VERY sharp, clean, focused and fast with no overhang or ringing. In terms of tonal balance, they are somewhat lean sounding, noticeably lacking lower midrange "bloom" and "body". I don't know anyone that would ever consider these cables "creamy" or "romantic" sounding. Bass is tight with reasonable extension but somewhat lacking in total impact. This may be due to the thinning of the upper bass / lower mids.

They do not come across as sounding hard or etched in my experience, nor did they contribute any type of problems with glare or sibilance. As Sugar stated, they could be considered "analytical" but i say that in a way that is "non-offensive". They do bring out a lot of detail but can somewhat rob the system of pace in my experience.

If you have a system that is somewhat "warm", "fat" or "slow" sounding, this could give you the speed and clarity that you are looking for. If you are already running somewhat brighter or "sharp" sounding gear, it might be the straw that breaks the camel's back. Sean

PS... Keep in mind that these are strictly my opinions based on my experience. Others point of view and experiences may differ. Either way, we encourage open conversation here.
As a follow up, I basically agree with what Sean is saying, including his attempt to clarify analytical. I demo'd them in a smaller system in my home office (spare bedroom).