Nordost repair

Anyone know if Nordost will do repairs on used, non dealer/private sale cable?

I'm awaiting an email response from them, perhaps someone has insight on what Nordost will/will not do?

I have a feeling my 9 year run with a  FREY II phono cable purchased for 1/3 of list is about to get expensive.

I'm hoping repair cost will make sense to do IF, possible. 



OEM cables have serial numbers on the cable and matched to the OEM packaging label. NORDOST will review and verify that cable OEM provenance first .,., it is my understanding that they won’t do alterations or repairs otherwise.

If for any reason that the authenticity cannot be easily verified , the only sure-fire to remove all doubt is to first remove the connectors and then strip back sheathing ,as thy may have to cut back the ends , and then physically examine it ,

It is also my understanding that DIY altered altered cables (b eg shortened / cut / changed connectors with non OEM done connectors) could be similarly. refused unless it was so done by NORDOST.

intuitively, if they are legit, all good …. NORDOST will prepare a quote for you to approve and prepay. Shipping cost both ways is your expense.. If any are determined to be fakes, they will be culled out badly, with the risk that they will be destroyed.

I’d be curious to know what the Nordost guys say. Please keep us posted. 

@akg_ca is correct.  Nordost will repair any legally purchased cable under warranty to the original owner.  Cables purchased on the secondary market, that have not been altered, will be serviced by Nordost.  Counterfeit cables sent to Nordost will be destroyed and not returned.  


I know. That practice always bothered me. I assume they warn you. But you had better be sure you did not accidentally get fakes. Not only did you get duped… then to add insult to injury they will not give them back. 

If anyone had NordOst done destruction of cable without return, they should chat here and organize group litigation bang. 

@ghdprentice ,

Ah, I didn't think far enough. Yes, they must warn you that if you send it in and they find it's a counterfeit, they will keep it and destroy it. By sending it in, you're giving them your consent to do so.

Imagine finding  out your "best" cable is  MIC!

My situation is just an RCA re terminated. Guessing L/R would  be redone to keep length conformity?

I feel a $ pricey invoice in my future. Just may take a good look to see if DIY is doable. 

Anyone have success DIY reterminating Nordost IC's?


Analysis Plus-I considered trying their  speaker cables some time ago.

Guess it won't hurt to find out if they do other brands.

Thank you.

I asked the Nordost rep a while back if they could mod my Tyr phono cable. I wanted to go from RCA’s at the tonearm end to a DIN connector. Was told no go.

Well after 2 unanswered emails, I give Nordost a big FAIL in the customer response column.

Ordered some Neutrik NF2C-B2’s which were the Nordost OEM for this 1st run II version. I bought 2 pair for $54.96 including shipping, which probably saved me at least $100 +and hassle of an official Nordost repair(if I ever DID get an RA#).

Thought about getting WBT’s, but after looking at price, way out of my price tolerance.

You can’t buy 1 real WBT RCA for the price of 4 MIC’s which look ALMOST identical to ones used on my 1st gen Heimdall IC’s.

4X WBT-0110 Ag Nextgen HiFi Audio RCA Plug Coaxial Cable Interconnect Connector | eBay

15 minutes and soldering iron, the Frey is back in action.

Interesting. And you reached out to them using their web form, correct?

I just searched my inbox as I remembered inquiring about cutting a 2m pair of XLRs into 2 1m pairs. This was last June. I see they replied the same day. The answer was no but that’s not the point here. Glad you got your cables fixed but nit thrilled to see the non-existence of custom support in your case.



"Interesting. And you reached out to them using their web form, correct?"

Yes, I reached out thru their "contact us" page. I'll just chalk it to "stuff happens."

I guess if I look at the big picture-purchased used private, 1/4 of list, almost 10 years of use, I can't expect company support like I purchased it full MSRP from a dealer.

Nordost is still my personal choice for cable. I just can't justify paying list for their products. 

Yep. Let’s hope it’s an anomaly. 

As to the quality of cables, agreed. I’m a big fan of nordost cables. My Tyr 2 XLRs are the best sounding interconnects I ever heard on my system. Just hope they don’t break. Lol

" Just hope they don’t break. Lol"


I'm not a DIY guy, but will attempt to repair things if it appears not too involved.

Since Nordost uses solid core wire, I would think it would be straight forward, as long as you use a proper stripping tool and decent soldering iron/tip.

A little nerve wracking since I used a bicycle cable stripper, and care is necessary to avoid chopping off the P/N wires which are individually insulated.

Speaker wire however, looks like  more advanced DIY skills/tools which I lack.

Current Tyr2 pricing-OUCH!  I'd use that level if I had $20K+ amp. 

I have a yes they do/no they don't thing with cable. Sat thru many Nordost demos and my hearing doesn't catch some of the stuff others hear once going into the Valhalla/Odin level. That's the stuff  you play with though, once you're in the $50K+ level for your amps/gear.

Tyr 2 interconnects used are decently priced. Speaker cables and power cords though, yeah that hurts. I went el cheapo for my mono block amps with power cords for time being (audience forte f3). But am on a lookout for Tyr 2 or Frey 2 power cords. 

"I went el cheapo for my mono block amps with power cords for time being (audience forte f3). But am on a lookout for Tyr 2 or Frey 2 power cords. "

audphile1-You arguably get 80% or more of what the Odin pc does with the "sane" pricing of the Blue Heaven power cord. It's basically the same design. Nordost was smart choosing the  BH pc as entry to the next level of their cable insanity. The price difference probably isn't much between the Audience and BH.

If you sit thru a Nordost demo, it's the Blue Heaven PC they use to illustrate the Nordost characteristics compared to everything else. 

I have tried the mighty Odin II power cord/speaker cable in my setup. I'll just say that level is for "that level" of gear. 

I tried Heimdall 2 power cables and there was something about it that I didn’t like. My system was different then so might be worth another shot now. For my system, I figure Frey 2 would be nice and on the level of my amps. 

IMO, Nordost make excellent sounding cables. However, I do think there are competing cables from a few lesser known manufacturers that compete; and these cables can be far less expensive. For example, my Nordost Tyr ic’s are excellent, but some ic’s from Black Cat cable/ Graceline are just about as good, with little to differentiate them, except for the price.