NOS DAC's without any digital filtering?

How are these DAC's able to perform as well or better than DACS that use filtering to diminish aliasing effects? I understand that there are some who believe that the best sounding DAC's in the world are NOS/non-filtering. How is is this possible?
If you're not talking about me, it must be EBM. It took me a long time to figure him out, but he's usually just kidding. But I know what you mean, its hard to tell. In hid defense, he'll immediately apologize if you are offended by anything he says.
I immediately thought of Ebm as well when I read Roxy54's post. Some of his snidy posts make me laugh.
good to know he's joking because sometimes I cannot be sure - he writes with such a straight-face.
let's see if he posts here now or not...
Coli's right. But i have enjoyed my PS PWD II with 2.0.2 firmware all others did not sound right.
Oops! You guys got me. But I agree, I am often amused, and sometimes annoyed, but I know it's just in fun...I think. He sometimes has some off the wall comments, but I guess it would be a duller place without him.
Keep up the good work Ebm!
Hi, I was looking for a technical explanation rather subjective opinions. Bombaywalla was the only one to do this. Guess I wasn't clear enough. Thank you, Bombaywalla.