NOS EL34 Non- Mullard

I have been considering adding a final Quad of NOS EL 34 for the long haul given the growing scarcity of these tubes.

I do not want to spend " Mullard" dollars for the quad.  I have seen quads of Tesla Brown Base, Tesla Black Base, Siemens and Sylvania Fat Boys at less stratospheric pricing. I know this is a touchy topic but wonder which of the above would be the "sweetest" or even "warmest" sounding tubes?

Thanks in advance and please only constructive responses.


If early Mullard is you pick look for Matsushita/Japan El34’s.

Perhaps 6L6GC, assuming that these are for the Leben, but these my be high ticket as they are desired for Fender amps (both vintage and new).

The Matsushita’s are similar to XF3/XF4 Mullard El34 (not as fat sounding as XF1 & XF2, but still warm and balanced).