Not impressed

Just getting sick of the Hi Fi Merry Go Around...getting ready to throw in throw in the towel. Price to performance ratio is not all that rewarding. Sucks not being able to Audition before I buy....find a a nice amp.......good luck finding a preamp to match......on and on
DJVERNE,How did you like the Fritz Rev 5 SE speakers?I'm considering buying a pair .... your comments appreciated!
djverne.......get the amp and preamp from the same company.....chances are they'll work well together.
Building a system is kinda like a marriage,gotta keep working at it until you get it right.But unlike a marriage when the amp leaves it doesn't take half.
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OP you are dead WRONG!There has NEVER been a better time to get top quality sound from beer budget priced components!
DUMP the seperates and get an Integrated Amp,preferably all Tube or Tube/SS Hybrid...Then dump the Focus 110's,which are thin in the bass & have a nasty mid bass hump to make up for thin bass...Move into the Excite series,MUCH more natural & easier to drive...