Not "Christmas Jazz" - Jazz for Christmas

OK! Lets tally the loot! (yes, I'm 39 going on 6) Two years ago my wife, with only minor directions on where to look, came up with a pair of NOS Phillips tubes for my cd player. This year it was strictly vinyl and I'm a happy boy sitting in a pile of shredded wrapping paper and ribon. Seven spanking new 12-inch vinyl discs (well, 14 if you count the double LPs) Good stuff!

*Miles Davis, ROund About Midnight (Somehow after 15 years of collecting jazz, I managed to never hear this record)
*Nat King Cole, After Midnight (newly reissued on Capital)
*Jazz at the Pawnshop
*Bud Powell, Time Waits
*Horace Silver, Blowin the Blues Away
*Sonny Rollins meets Coleman Hawkins
*Ben Webster - Soulville

All on nice heavy high-quality vinyl.

I also managed to find a still sealed Analogue Productions 45 RPM of Monk's Music that was present to myself (I was really good this year) but I won't mention that to the wife.

How'd you guys do?
43 going on 6 here :)

Original not a re-issue, sealed, Bill Evans, the complete riverside recordings. 18 lp box set. Still had the price tag from 1983 on it ($149.99)

I was almost afraid to break the seal. But the 6 yr old took over...on lp # 3 right now.

Wow, sound rivals the re-issue 45's I have. Dead silent surfaces. (I clean my lp's with Premier, then Record Research deep cleaner then RR Wash...On a VPI 16.5). If anyone is a Bill Evans fan, this is a must have.

(Grimace, you made out pretty darn good to !)

ps, now if I could just teach her how to clean the other 15 lps :)
Where did you get the Bill Evans? If you bought it yourself and don't mind telling, what did you pay?
We only found 2 available. One on ebay from acoustic sounds, under the ebay id of sweet_sounds. bidding started around $250, I won at $527. I am not sure if they have more.

I see one more at, also sealed, asking $795. Maybe they'll deal a little, I was going to call them and make a lower offer...but one the bidding on the other.

Some may think I over paid, but it works out to $29.28 per lp, which is right there with re=-issue prices new. If you're a Bill Evans fan, sound qaulity is super, plus has quite a bit of unreleased recordings, great book, good packaging.
I wouldn't call it jazz but I got a ps3 for the family for xmas and nothing beats hearing my teenage daughters singing and playing along with songs some of which I've heard before. Now if they get some Dead songs on there I might join in. When nobody else is home of course.
Mnnc are you reading the same thing I am because the post CLEARLY states that the amount works out to $29.98 per record which means there is WAY more than one record.