To all audiophiles and music lovers I wish you Merry Christmas
A few weeks ago my wife asked me what I wanted for Xmas.
What other answer could there be - "something for my stereo I said". Same answer I've given her for 18 years. I have a B&K MC101 preamp, AUNE DAC arriving in a few days.
It's a good time of the year to appreciate family, and audio/music.


yes... back at you.

it's good we have at least one reminder each year to be of service to others, and possess a charitable spirit.


I think everything I buy from Halloween to the end of the year counts as a Christmas present.

This year only one item went into the electronics, not counting music and DVD... a new sound card got added and it made a worthwhile impact IMHO.

otherwise I just got clothes, shoes, underwear, a portable table saw, 30 gal 2 HP compressor, framing nail gun, adjustable roller stand, and some asst. air tools.

With any luck at all my handle wont' have to change from 'blindjim' to 'Mr. Nubby'.
Blindjim-a framing nail gun? I guess you aren't blind? Either that or nuts!
Happy Holidays :-)
Merry Christmas to all ! God Bless this Country. And Enjoy your Life!

This year I started into Computer Audio. I never thought I would. But the Squeezebox Touch changed all of that. A unit that I thought I would use for occasional listening, turned into my primary source.

Latest of my other Toys bought this year include...

2 TB Hard Drives
Monarchy Combo to be used with SQ Touch
several digital cables to be used with SQ Touch
Ground Controls / Ground Enhancers
Detail Magnifiers
Blessed Christmas to All!

Feeling pretty contented at the moment, but we all know how that can change! ;)
I really appreciate you all who have helped me by your responses this past year.

Although it's not politically correct, I'll say, Merry Christmas!
Merry Christmas to all

and to all a good night!

May you and your families be Blessed beyond your wildest imaginations!
Merry Christmas to you as well but I am jealous!! I live in Colorado and we have had no snow, can't get my Christmas Spirit into gear:(
We have set a record for no snow so far this winter.
My system sounds best when it is snowing out side. I think snow offers great acoustics.
Theo, A white Christmas this year for Memphis and Atlanta?...Coloradans got shorted this year :) I agree...I'm in northern NJ and something seems amiss with a "no snow" Christmas morning. Snow is a placebo, Christmas and music are not diminished by lack there of. Joyous wishes to all
Happy Christmass from across the pond, in the UK. Particularly to those, like me, working today, somebody has to.

More particularly to our forces, yours, ours and the rest of NATO's in Afghanistan at the moment. May they all stay safe. One of my sons best friends lost both his legs this year, he was in bomb disposal. 6 months in hospital and they are letting him out to the Pub, for the first time today, so good luck to Jack


Actually I am blind. Well, legally so anyhow. I'll put it this way.... my plans for a 1080p front projector to replace my 720p projector, have been scratched off the list entirely. To me, now, there's no diff.

If you think about it... how best could one drive a nail if their vision was very very poor?

Why point and shoot of course! Nail gun seemed the only real solution. It is in fact. Put the tip where you want a nail, push the gun down onto the surface to release the safety, and squeeze the trigger! Bang! Done. Next....

1-1.5 in. nails I can usually set and drive in with just a big hammer... but now I have the compressor, I'll probably just get a finishing nail gun too. It'll look cleaner and I'll need less spackle, and touch up paint afterwards.

AS for the armed forces representing the free world nations, perhaps some shining day in our own future, we'll finally figure out killing one another seldom if ever settles anything.... permanently.

Having been a former service member, I'm against war. Anywhere. Darned near for any reason too.

My prayers go out to all of those men and women now serving their respective countries in an effort to provide or restore freedom to those now without it, or those from whom have had it removed. may all of our armed forces representatives be returned to us without harm.

AS well, to all of those members here, and their families, I extend more prayers. May all of your Holidays this year come to you safely, prosperously, and enjoyably. May they exceed your expectations.
Merry Christmas everyone. I woke up to find a beautiful blanket of fresh snow. The pretty kind that clings to the trees and bushes - just beautiful.
Happy Hannuchrismakwanzakah to all!!!! Looks like CT's white Christmas is coming about 36 hrs late. Forecast is for 6-12" (or more) of blowing, drifting snow for Sunday afternoon. Time to hunker down w family and friends, a good bourbon, and my flat screen for a few days.

Although freverently suggested by my sales person at Home Depot, or as I refer to the joint as my ‘Adult Toy Store’, I declined to add on the Super pack of gauze and velcor polypropalene really niffty reusueable and it doubles as a Western neck tie in a pinch, a color coordinated ‘tourniquet’.

I told him the only trick here is that one needs be just a bit smarter than the machine they intend to operate, and many if not all of those emergency follow up measures can be eliminated.

Merry Happy… Swamp…
Blindjim, So eloquently put, your thoughts concerning war, and prayers to those now involved.
Too many folks with perfect vision nail a finger or hand (I have a friend who nailed his head!). It makes sense in your case vs. aiming a hammer at your thumb. I'm actually impressed.
Happy Holidays.
And in CT, some guy "nailed" his b-in-law (and partner in his failing construction business) 4x in the head w a contractor grade nailgun he modified to "full auto". Killed the sucker and claimed that the guy tripped and fell and "shot" himself. Jury didn't believe it either.

So be careful out there, Nubby.


If I needed to uh, 'nail' someone I'd use a more apporpriate tool Remember, different jobs require different tools. An H&K MP5 or mp7 in 556 would be a good choice, but the Israelis have a pretty competent tool as well but in 9mm.

These are what I call finishing nail guns.
...thought you'd like that one.... although it was a slam dunk natural.

Problem is you just can't leave 'em lay around a job site unattended. They have a havit of getting lost.