Nottingham Ace Spacedeck Tweaks

I know Notts tables aren't exactly a hot topic of conversation right now, but any current or past Nottingham owners out there who have done the "heavy kit" conversion and added an isolation base like SRA? Which of the two provides a more significant improvement?

I have a motor controller already and like what it does to the overall presentation.
I had a Nottingham Spacedeck for a number of years and loved it. I also did a lot of modifications on it, one step at a time. It was a Spacedeck with the new arm. The biggest benefit I noticed was going to the heavy kit. It seemed like a lot of money but it really helped the most. Dynamics improved, bass speed and detail improved, overall detail improved. No down side at all. The next biggest benefit was the SRA custom base and getting rid of the standard "plinth". I also had a wave mechanic and was really glad I added that but it perhaps made the least difference. This is likely due to Tom Fletcher's design philosophy of low torque motor and high mass already lends itself to speed stability. I really loved the Nottingham and would highly recommend it and the upgrades. I ran a Benz Gullwing SLR on mine.
I have tried a few different mats, but found this one to make a huge difference, better focus, dead quite.
Move the motor pod from the rear to the front left corner. Tell me what you hear.......

I have a Spacedeck with the new arm. A Boston Audio carbon mat is a nice improvement. I also have it on a maple block on brass cones instead of the standard plinth
Shakey, moved the motor to the front left last night. Listened to a few new LPs so tough to say exactly what I was hearing. But, whatever it was, it sounded good! Will report back after listening to some familiar material.
If you do decide to go for a PS unit, instead of the Wave Mechanic I would suggest the new PS from K&K Audio. It will require rewiring of the motor pod but that is relatively simple. This PS supply has separate outputs for each of the two field coils of the motor (the capacitor is removed from the pod). The unit allows one to tweak the phase angle of the AC current between the two field coils to minimize motor vibration. The level of the output voltage can also be adjusted. I found this to be particularly useful in improving the sound. The parts used in construction are of very high quality. For example, instrument grade OPA chip amps drive the two toroidal output transformers. I sold my Wave Mechanic. This new PS was noticeably better.
Tubehead, any further observations with the motor move? I have a Spacedeck also, love it, and would like to know from Shakeydeal what inspired that move? Just the same, I plan to try that when time allows. Nice to see some conversation about this very, very nice table. Happy New Year to all as well....
Anovak, the change is subtle, but I think I'm hearing just a touch more resolution and clarity. Maybe by moving the motor away from leg, less vibration is being transmitted to the table.

John_tracy, I've had the Phoenix Falcon PS for a few months now. I like what it does, especially for the cost. However, the K&K unit does look interesting.
Thanks, Tubehead. I tried it with mine but the motor sitting up front on the left side didn't make any noticeable difference in the sound, besides it being rather in the way....not sure what Shakeydeal was hearing that was better but not in my system. Thanks for the reply, though.
Wooo! I just got a killer deal on a used heavy kit off of one of the other second hand audiophile sites. Excited to see what it has to offer.
I tried moving the motor to the front of my Hyperspace. The difference I heard was subtle at best. Slightly more bass definition and more cohesion in the sound stage. Not sure yet if it's enough change to make up for the loss in ergonomics. It does get in the way now.