Nottingham Analogue Interspace azimuth adjust???

I recently acquired a Nottingham Analogue Interspace Jr. turntable with Interspace arm. My Fozgometer and ears tell my that the azimuth is off with my Lyra Delos mounted, but I can't find an obvious way to adjust the azimuth on this arm. The not-so-great manual that comes with doesn't mention any adjustment.
Does anyone know if it can be adjusted?
You may have to use washers as spacers between the cart. and headshell. Thats how it was with my Spacearm, but luckily I never had to do it. Very fiddly and trial and error.
Hi Seantock and Hifiharv, I also have a Nottingham have you had any problems with the thin tonearm wires of the Nott? I broke mine off while mounting a new cartridge.
You can adjust azimuth on the Nottingham tonearms by GENTLY twisting the headshell to the left or right. It is designed to rotate in the CF arm tube. It's not a great system but it works; especially assuming that you are using a low mass/high compliance cartridge as these arms were designed for.

The solid silver tonearm wire is a PITA to work with, and require extreme care when mounting cartridges, but no more than other arms. Just try not to bend the wire at the junction to the headshell connector and you'll be fine.
Thanks,Br3098. I'll try twisting. Yes, the tonearm wires are a little scary, but, as Br3098 mentions, you've gotta be careful with any 'table setup, part of the fun!
BTW, this Nott is is my #3 table, I've got 2 in my main system, and this is for my bedroom setup. I have to say, i'm pretty impressed, it gives my much more expensive setups a decent run for their money. Simple, solid construction, really nice sound.

What cartridges have you Nott guys liked on this table? The Lyra Delos seems to work pretty well with this arm, has a little trouble tracking some of the tougher LPs...
In my opinion, all of the Nottingham tonearms sound best when used with a high compliance cartridge; that is, over 20cu or more. The compliance on your Delos cartridge is 12cu, which would indicate that it may not be the best match for this arm.

Cartridges I reccomend, based on my experience with the Nottingham SpaceArm include:
1- AT440MLa - the only MC cartridge I liked with the Nott arm. A lot of bang for the buck, but I prefered the Ortofon or the SS
2- Benz Ace SL - sounded very good, but not as good as with other tonearms
3- Grado "The Reference" (original version) - very nice, although a little light in the bass region
4- Ortofon 2M Black - the best match, for my rig and ears. Very neutral, works well for all music genres
5- Shure V15/IV - sounds very good, but not in the same league as the Ortofon
6- Soundsmith SMMC1 - high compliance version, sounds great. Warmer, more detailed but less musical than the Ortofon
I have a Spacedeck and frankly the Spacearm is not very good.

I like the platter and drive but that's about it.

Respectfully, I must disagree with you. Properly setup and mated to the right cartridge, the Space Arm is a wonderful sounding arm - one of the best 9" arms ever designed, IMO.

As I mentioned previously, this arm was designed for a high compliance cartridge. As these are somewhat out of favor these days, there are fewer options and most of them are not the popular "hot" cartridges that get written about.

How about this: I'll swap you your Space Arm for a Rega RB-250 - straight trade. Interested?
I must disagree as well. Spacearm is excellent. You would probably have to put $2k or more arm on the Spacedeck to significantly improve the combo.
What cartridges have you Nott guys liked on this table? The Lyra Delos seems to work pretty well with this arm, has a little trouble tracking some of the tougher LPs...
I'm not sure about optimal matching with Nottingham tonearms, but I can assure you the Delos has no trouble tracking. If it does on your table, it must be caused by less than optimal matching as the Delos is stellar on my Classic.
Would any of you know if it's possible to change lead wires to something less fragile? I emailed the Nottingham distributor but did not get an answer. I also called them and they wanted to charge me $50 to resolder a clip that came off. Another question is, what tonearm will be a good match to an Interspace Jr. preferabley with a detachable headshell?
Rangefinder, you are not alone. I never had a problem with the cart. leads, but I have heard this mentioned before by a few other users. It's not a difficult repair, but you have to be fast while soldering tiny wire like that. If you are new to soldering, practice first on some Radio Shack stuff and use magnification if possible. I have also heard of using a drop of glue-Elmers maybe, to reinforce the fragile clip/wire joint afterwards.
The distro is a based in San Jose, CA. Here's is their number (408) 971-6159, and ask for Brian. It's better to call them, but if you prefer to contact them online here's their email address:

I will try the elmers glue approach. Thanks for the info.
Thank you. I don't need them right now but I might want to try Tracer cartridge on my Spacedeck/Spacearm later and don't know where to get one.