Now that my amp's blown...

Well, now that my amp's blown, instead of repair, I'm thinking about purchasing something else.

Speakers are Royd Minstrels..Source is my old Rotel RCD971.

I listen to all types of music. I was using a modified Sugden A48B, which worked well with the setup.

If I were to spend, say, $500 CAD on a used integrated, what else might work well with my source and speakers?

If i could say i wanted a bit of something more, i'd say it would be a touch more clarity in the midrange and maybe a little more dynamics (which is not to say the sugden is really lacking in either regard). If the whole thing could be more 3-d sounding, that would be great, too (although it's really my room that's very limiting in this regard).

No responses thus far...Ok, no problem...i've got my eye on a Naim Nait 5i (non-italic).

Thoughts on this combo?
I had the Nait 5i. I know everyone likes it but I thought it sucked. I don't mean to offend anyone with harsh language, but I'd be lying if I said anything else. Someone above mentioned Creek. I had a 5350 and thought it was great. There's absolutely no comparison between the 2. The Creek is better in every single way. If you don't want to spend so much, I had a Cambridge integrated for a while. Not as good as the Creek, but much better than the Naim for about half the price.
Is CAD Canada dollars?
If so, you can maybe fine a used amps
from Classe (made in Canada). You might
be able to find a low power version
for that amount? Great choice for build
quality and sounds okay too.
Thanks for the posts thus far. I appreciate any suggestions at all.

Zd542 - there was a time when i tried the Creek 5350se with my speakers at the time (NHT) and it was such a poor match, it unfortunately turned me off Creek for life. (i really shouldn't be so closed-minded about Creek, suppose)

6550c - Yes, Canadian dollars. As far as Classe goes, although I don't mind their separates with certain speakers, i still find them too warm overall. Their integrateds? I thought they were terrible, to be honest...what where they called? CAP100 and CAP150? I found them dull and lifeless...very flat.

Any other takers? What about Exposure 2010s? (could that even be had for $500? Maybe the original 2010 could..)
A few thoughts:

NAD C326BEE - lists for $550, but there's a factory refurb on the 'gon for $429 US right now. Nice solid amp for the money.

Never heard it, but there's also a Rega Brio 3 listed for $449. Some people really like it.

If you are willing to consider something completely different, there is an amazing deal on an open-box Wadia 151 Power DAC at Vanns right now. Normal MSRP is $1,195. You can pick this up for $599 US. This is a really interesting option. On the one hand, it has no analog inputs and no headphone jack, so it has limitations. On the other hand, the DAC is excellent and will likely offer an improvement over your older Rotel. For that price, I'd try it and return it if you don't like it. It has an exceptionally small form factor, which you may or may not like. It also uses Class D amps, which you also may or may not like. It could be underpowered (25W x 2 into 8ohms), but then again, the CNET reviewer (for what that's worth) said it was able to drive Magnepan 3.7s to moderately high volumes with great effect. If your room isn't too big and you don't listen too loud, this could be a really interesting option.

The Wadia 151 Power DAC does look interesting, from what i've read, although i don't think it would work for me, given its limitations. I like the idea of something like this in another application, mind you. Cool chit.