I just got in NSMT 100 speakers and they are amazing. I know people say that and mean it but these are the best speakers I have ever heard.  My friends even non audiophile people can hear how good they sound.  The instrument separation, full range sound and all the other audiophile adjectives fit these speakers.  I have had klipsch, KEF, FOCAL and some others I can't remember and wow these speakers are the best sound ever in my house. There may be equal and better sounding speakers but I don't think at this price point. The tone of the music is just amazing and I thought I knew what "being in the room with the musicans" sounded like but not until I got these in my place.  Thank you to Terry London for mentoring me and letting me hear his 100's.  Best JH


Hey John,

Thank you for the kind words towards me. Congrats, on your 100s thy are a remarkable maker of the illusion of real music. That's why they are my reference speakers and I put them on the Stereo Times " Best Components of the Decade list" about a year ago. If anyone is interested in all the details about the NSMT Model 100 speaker you could go to Six Moons website, I was a staff writer there before I moved over to the Stereo Times website,  under my name in the archives.

No, it's not an inexpensive pair of speakers, but not only does it compete with speakers that are much more expensive, the level of musicality it creates can take your breath away. 

Congrats again John, thanks Terry London 

I also should mention that I am running the NSMT 100's with two amps. The First Watt F7 (20 wpc) and Pass Labs XA25 (25 wpc).  I only run digital because the gods have smiled on me and not stuck me with the vinyl sickness.....  I have an Esoteric N05XD (streamer/Dac/Preamp).

The amps have plenty of power to run the 100's.  

Also if you deal with Mike Kay at Audio Archon you will get fully supported and taken care of.  I have never met him and have no affiliation with him just passing along what was great customer service from him. 



I just emailed them asking what speaker would be a good fit for my system/room so it'll be interesting to see what they say.

I have a small long room and have the speakers approx 8' apart and am 8' from them.  The active bass on the 100 has a crossover and volume knob so I could dial in what worked for my room.  Bloody diabolicall!!!!




Those NSMT 100's a great speakers!  I've had the pleasure of hearing them at Terry London's house more than once and have always found the presentation world-class.  They are a well-rounded speaker - they can energize the room (he has a large space) and be very delicate when the music calls for it.  Working with a range of music types & volumes.  

They "disappear" and also throw an impressive verticle soundstage - producing a music-aura that is non-fatiguing and very musical.

They are a good value, full range and not power hungery.  A hard-to-find combination.

I'll also echo your good vibes on Mike Kay.  He's a great guy.  

I agree with above comments. It's unusual to have a single pair of speakers applied so very flexibly: easy to drive, full detailed bloom at all volumes, solid aesthetic pose and seamless full range detail, soundstage depth/width/height. We each have choices in what sounds good in our space, this one sounds best in my space....well done NSMT!

Has anyone been able to compare the NSMT 100 with the GoldenEar Triton Reference speakers? They are both reasonably sized, fairly efficient, full range speakers with powered subs and priced within $2000 of each other.

Any details on how they compare would be appreciated. 

I thought about that and other speaker alternatives but the bottom line is, I would not be able to really compare unless I had them both in my house powered by my equipment.  Likely other's with more experience would be able to tell but what I am hearing in the 100's is a level of instrument separation and dead quiet in the background that this is absolutely next level for me.  Are there other speakers that can do this level of sound quality? Most likely yes but I wanted to by Made in USA and if you contact Mike at Audio Archon you may be able to get demo or B stock which would come in less than GoldenEar.  Large speaker manufacturers that sell via a lot of dealerships have to adjust costs of materials to allow for a significant markup for the dealer.  NSMT is pretty much a direct to consumer without many dealers.  I can say the sound is amazing and I could not be happier. That is honest opinion and again I have no affiliation with NSMT or Audio Archon.  Best and if you want to talk on the phone or if you are anywhere near Indianapolis contact me and come hear them!  Best JH

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Not too sure what to think regarding nsmt Clairvoyant System two, I must admit I was expecting more I guess. When comparing with my little Kharma CRM 3.2fe that were conveniently available to use as a reference they immediately showed every short coming in the nsmt, reading Terry’s review where he compared them to Stanheim 5SE and said nsmt system 2 was the best he has heard has me scratching my head.. , "what am I missing"

Don’t believe any guy’s stated euphoric experience on the forums until you hear it for yourself (especially if there are dealers "mentioned" on such euphoric/lost in the music posts). NEVER blind buy because it all appears to be an innocent expression of euphoria.

You could try sendng the speaker back to Terry London and try asking for your money back. Kharma it is...for you.

I’ve never heard NSMT speakers however I have done business with Mike Kay and Audio Archon. Mike is one of the good guys and his integrity is beyond reproach. Any insinuation otherwise is unfair and inaccurate.