OCC and Litz wires - Furutech Alfa series, Neotech, Cardas

I would like to upgrade current loudspeaker cables which are OFC type (Van Damme 2 x 4 mm2 LC - OFC total definition directional loudspeaker cable)

aim Is neutral sound, fast tight bass

I would like to know your Impression recommendation about following OCC and litz wires

- Furutech Alfa series - using Alfa OCC copper

Alfa S14 (15 AWG / 2x1.4 mm2), Alfa S25 (13 AWG / 2x2.5 mm2), Alfa 36 (12 AWG / 2x3.3 mm)

does anyone know why Alfa 36 Is cheaper than Alfa S25


- Neotech STDCT 12 Hook Up wire - 12 AWG or 3.3 mm2 UP OCC PTFE


- Kabusa Spiral Voice speaker cable using Cardas 2 x 11.5 AWG ultra pure copper litz wire


I use Neotech UP-OCC PTFE and it is excellent. 14 gauge might be enough. 12 is stiff.

Alpha s-25 uses cotton for damping and paper for wrap while alpha-36 uses carbon for damping. You can check their site.


thank you for reply and  your excellent recommendation using single core Neotech Up-OCC PTFE

thank you @audioman58 for your support

thank you @petg60 - which one from cotton and carbon Is better sounding - cotton?

another question

 why solid core Is better compared to multistrands 

Neo tech solid core...ugh stiff.Great stuff though.Solid core is a quicker "prat" to my experience,but i found i liked strand for more "relaxed" tone/timber.System dependent imho.TRY is the only way to know.

Cotton inert?...

@sasho reach out to Chris (vh audio). He is a dealer for both furutech and neotech. His recommendations are always spot on. 

thank you @audiophile1

I visited VH audio

do you have experience with hook up wire stuff particularly Unicrystal OCC wires with AirLok or CHeLa speaker cables