Ocellia cables IC why not much talk?

I've been listening to some Ocellia interconnects now and am just amazed at their naturalness and tonality. They have great detail and sound staging. Would be intested in hearing from others who have any experience with this line?
Anyone have a price list or ROM pricing for single ended 1 meter IC's and 8' speaker cables?
Another surprise (not). A thread on interconnects and Sabai pipes up yet again about how amazing his HiDiamond cables are.
Just read Frederic Beudot excellent 6Moon's Ocellia review. From his description on the differences with the Livelines, I MIGHT prefer the Livelines in MY system. I like the leading edge, agressive snd never found the cables fatiquing or bright and I can't stand brightness.

I will never know until I try so will definitely include Ocellia to my list whenever I get the itch again.