Octave HP-700se and Accuphase C-2150 Preamp Question

Hey folks, is anyone familiar with the mentioned units? I’m going to buy one, badly need those tone controls, wanted also to know how accurate they are. The Octave is hybrid design, the Accuphase is of course solid state. Today going to try the new McIntosh C22, but don’t have much hope for it’s performance.

Guys please help me ASAP.



I have the Octave HP700 with the MRE220 monoblocs and love it- Very neutral but has great depth and width to the soundstage.   Of course everything is system dependent.   I suggest trying them both in your system is you can.

Appreciate your input. Unfortunately can’t audition and there is a 20% restocking fee. This is a surreal situation, can’t find anything I want here in the US, even though the budget is pretty high for my standards.

This proly doesn’t help much but: Several years ago I went to RMAF in Denver. I sat in a listened to many rigs and the one that impressed me the most was the Octave gear with Dynaudio speakers. Just absolute speaker control.