Odyssey Kismet Reference Speakers-

Today, Mr. Fedex brought me a wonderful pair of Odyssey Kismet Reference Speakers which I purchased from a fellow Audiophile off Audiogon. I don't know where to start. The cabinetry is of unbelieveable quality and the color is a beautiful Santos Rosewood finish. Each speaker weighs a little over 80 pounds and it is a two way design.

I have the speakers positioned about 25" from the rear wall and toed in ever so slightly. I will get right to it, the bass is the BEST bass that I have ever heard in my living room. It is very deep, taut, articulate and defined. The mids and highs are very sweet and finally, I can listen to Pink Floyd play in all their grandness. I played a mix of rock, jazz and classical this afternoon, and no matter what I played, I wasn't disappointed. I found for the first time in a long while, I wasn't picking the music apart, you know the note sounds wrong, etc. I found myself really immensed in the music.

I have yet to install the floor spikes/cones. That will be done in about a week, once the speakers have settled in. Looks like I will be staying in most of this long weekend, enjoying the music.

I throw my window open wide and call to you across the sky.

Two questions:

1. How do you like your Odyssey amp now that it has a few hours on it?

2. How do your Kismet's compare to the Devore 8's beyond better bass? I am fairly familiar with the Devores.

My Odyssey amp now has over 1,000 hours on it. I love the amp and found it to be the best solid state amp I have ever had in my system. This amp is definitely a keeper as I feel there is no need to look any further.

The Kismet Reference differs from the DeVores in many ways. The Kismets throw a much larger sound and they do rock xtremely well. I would call the DeVores polite and the Kismet showoffy. If you listen to Jazz, the DeVores is probably all one needs, but if you like rock and full Classical, the Kismets would be the way to go.

The Kismets give much mnore details in the highs without sounding shrill. The word sweet comes to mind when defining them.

Stereo5 did you buy any of the cable that Klaus uses to wire the amps as this would then just be a extension of the amp(s) to your speaker;if you did not it might be a option you may want to consider.
Congratulations on your new speakers. Odyssey Audio may be one of the best values in Hifi.
I have been thinking that the only constant in my system for the past 11 years are my speaker cables and interconnects. I am currently using MIT Terminator2 speaker cables and interconnects, and I am thinking of buying the Groneberg speaker cable and a pair of interconnects to go from the pre to the amp. My biggest problem is I need 22 foot lengths of speaker wire because my speakers are acroos the room from the equipment rack (WAF) and the wires go under the floor. That length of wire may be too expensive for my tastes, I will have to see what Klaus will sell me a pair for to see if it is worth the added expense. I am still waiting for my speaker cones to arrive, courtesy of Adona. I only have about 15 hours of listening logged on the speakers so I may fool a bit more with placement before I install the cones. I am lovin every minute of it though.
looking into the kismet reference monitors. they are a bookshelf design now and am concerned that they will not, uh fill the room ? with sound. any thoughts on your kismets? I also am powered by the odyssey amp and pre-amp.
I haven't heard the reference monitors but according to people at the last show where it was being used, they are an unbelievable value for the money.
hey Bob, just got the monitors. WOW is the correct word.no, make that f@#king WOW!!
Congratulations. How is the bass, is it room filling with body? Any aggressiveness in the highs?
bass is great. I would say it is the biggest difference between my old speakers and these. much tighter,deeper and I guess most suprising is it took the muddiness out of what little I have listened to so far.I did not realize what a "good" pair of speakers could do.highs are smooth and the detail is amazing. lots more sessions to come.