Off to London UK next week and ....

Would love to have some recommendations on any shops to visit.. my last trip to Europe(Paris), I was amazed at the amount of equipment that was not exported to North America..what a great loss for us !!!

So.. of course Im not looking for shops that sell Sony's Panasonic and multinational brands such as those.. Im looking for niche shops, be it..tubes, SS..analog...

Any recommendations with address would be greatly appreciated !!

West KJ One , has Krell/ Wilson/ DCS/ Nagra/ Pathos/ Audio Resarch/ Copland, and more
North West part of town. 26 New Cavendish Street
Tel: 020 7486 8262 best to make appointments if you want to hear anything.

Walrus System, 11 New Quebec St tel : 020 7724 7224 in the same area. Again make appoitment. Tom Evans, Audio Note, Brikmann ( Hot ) pre-amp blows away Krell pre-amps, Avangard, Dnm, Neat, Michell ,Gamut, Chord, Turtable Store. These guys have excellent products.

230 Volts in the UK

Good luck
I went to the Walrus ( I think) and they have very interesting stuff. Also very nice - chaps name was I think les.