Ohio: is there a club in north west ohio

i moved here 4 yrs ago from the u.k and cant find anyone intrested in audio hifi....
people round here farm and make baby's..'shit hole
boring place...
help me find sanity in a nw ohio audio group..
anywhere between toledo and fortwayne would do
so is there or is there not anyone else interested in audio in ohio? can't believe you only got one response. if you're ever in columbus and want to talk audio shoot me an email.
Joolz, NW ohio really doesnt have a strong retail base as in true hi-end audio outlets. There is only one in Toledo. They sell Macintosh, B&W, Paradigm, Klipsch, Adcom, but try buying a good pair of IC's from them and all they have to offer is Monster Cable...they said that there is not a interest in quality cables.

There was another company that pulled out of the Toledo area about 2 years or so ago. They sold Krell, Bryston, etc, but because of a ownership change, and poor business they pulled out and went north up in Wolverine country trying to sell their goods. I once told their top salesman that I like to play my music loud on occasion, but wanted it sounding good, and he told me I should look somewhere else. It was said that he was the competitions top salesman.

There might be strong interests in high end audio in north west ohio, but with the limited supply of equipment, it could be slow for a club or clubs to form.

Just my two cents.
hey im in avon lake ohio. west of cleveland. im just now getting into tube stuff. really neat. can't beleve i waited so long. but anyways i too have been looking for a club as well. drop me a email sometime if you want to chat hifi.
Im in toledo ohio, cant find anybody either, my system is martin logan monolith iii, wadia 850 cd player, passlabs x350amp nordost spm and quatrro fill ic, email me so we can chat
I live west of Mansfield. Work in Cleveland.

I don't think that I could be classified as an Audiophile yet. I am young and just out of college (planning on graduate school this fall), all that to say I am not sitting on a pile of cash. I anyone is interested in helping a bottom feeder, I would love to hear from anyone in the area.
Just ran acros this interest in NW OH. I'm in Findlay, 30 miles S of Toledo. I have Quad ESL 63's with Gradient subwoofers, Cary amp (Golden amp in retirement) and preamp, Lector CD player (and a modified Sony ES), Oracle turntable with a Linn Ittok arm mounted with a Koetsu Rosewood cartridge. I love my system and would love to talk.
Well first of all, Welcome to the US, albeit this greeting is somewhat dated by 4 years!

I'm in the Columbus Area as well but have been an avid audiophile for decades. Like everyone else, I'm only limited by my wallet not my imagination!

There aren't too many folks I have found with this "hobby" in these parts but would enjoy meeting and listening with others affected (or is that infected?) with this interest.

I'm an older hobbyist who enjoys tubes in most parts of the system. (Makes me a home heating genius in January and a sweaty puddle in August even with central a/c! with over 50 tubes glowing simultaneously).

FYI, there is one high end store in Gahanna, just west of Columbus, who sells Bryston, Ayre, ML, etc--Genesis Audio. Folks there are pretty cool from my experience.
I LIVE IN COLUMBUS OHIO AND WOULD LIKE TO GET TOGETHER WITH ANYONE IN THE AREA FOR LISTENING.I have JM Labs Focal utopias, krells, BAT, Accustic Art.Lets exchange music info. Always need new toons
Live in the Youngstown area,would be interested in getting together with other Audio. Maybe a club,but at least some Audio chat if nothing else.