NewOnTech Dac07 - Any Users Out There?

Hey everyone. Wondering if anyone has any experience with this DAC that Mike Powell has started distributing? Any comparisons? 


A quick search showed this discussion over on Head-Fi:

I've not heard it and have no real interest in it, but Head-Fi is a good place for some interesting discussions.

I have the NewOnTech DAC07, fed by a Simon Audio CD5 used as transport, connected via a Silnote Morpheus Reference Classic II Series II digital S/PDIF cable as my one and only input source. I cannot compare with other DACs, other than saying I had a VERY good tubed CD player (modified Opera Audio Consonance Reference 2.2) which was bettered by the NewOnTech DAC07 and Simon Audio CD5 combo. I love this input combo. Clean, clear, transparent, quick, yet also the proper amount of musical "meat-on-the-bones" sound for me. I have purchased a few things from Mike and have always found him to be very helpful, knowledgeable, and fair to deal with. And when I replaced the DAC’s original power cord with Mike’s new Nemesis power cord, there was definite improvement: quieter background, and a more relaxed music delivery. The Silnote S/PDIF cable was also an improvement over a popular cable sold on Amazon (Geistnote's Apogee Wyde Eye 75Ω S/PDIF (RCA) Cable).

Bottom line: it delivered more detail, the sound was more open, and ultimately very musically satisfying. 

I've not been able to compare to any other standalone DACs.

Just previous CD player.

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Definitely need to hear more about how this dac stacks up against some others..There is a fella on head-fi raving about it, but he's listening through headphones, not speakers, so the impression is clearly different. He speaks highly of the dac though. 



I would look into a better SPDIF; a used Grover Huffman Pharaoh or a Tchernov are the best sounding ones I have come across regardless of cost.

Those cables are hitting Way above their price point and I tried the Silnote as well...