Ohm Walsh 2


I am driving my Ohm Walsh 2 speakers with the Marantz SR5005 receiver and have to turn volume at 60 to filling my bedroom with music while I only need to turn volume at 30 on my Mcintosh MC275? I feel like my $2000 Marantz can't handle the speakers. Should I upgrade the speaker or the receiver since I am using the Mcintosh in the living room

Dat Huynh
The SR5005 is an AV receiver.  These receivers are notorious for not being as powerful as their ratings may indicate.  Are you using the Marantz as an AV receiver?  Also, how big is the bedroom and how loud are you playing your music and/ or movies?

The Walsh 2 are rated at 88db, so they are efficient enough.  These are older speakers, any chance they are damaged/ need repair?

I really don't know if it damaged but when I switch to the Mcintosh MC275 as the amp, Mcintosh C2500 as the pre amp. The speaker play beautifully with low volume, and so much power with mid to high volume. I don't know if I can keep the Marantz for Home theater and buy something else to drive the speaker.
I own a pair of Ohm Walsh 2 that I upgraded to the super 2:2000. If memory serves me correctly the original 2's were 4 ohm speakers.The Marantz may not do well with a 4 ohm load. Back in the day I used a Acoustic Research amp that was designed for the original AR 3a that was 4 ohm and the 2's sounded great with it.Now I use a Forte 4a that is 50 per channel class A power that powers the super 2 well.