Reading the WSJ (website) today, there was a piece on Father's Day gifts and it starts with a blurb on Ojas.nyc
I am not in the market, but I would love to hear how his 3.5 watt amp and his two way loudspeakers sound. It appears that his two ways don't use a crossover, unless he simply fails to mention it in his description of his loudspeakers. 
So my question is; has anybody heard his speakers or amp?
I have never seen the Ojas but I have read about them. There is a trend for local fashionistas in NYC and LA to want to get into the audio business. Retro is cool and these folks buy up and sometime mod vintage gear. This isn't the first guy I have seen who likes the look of vintage Altec Lansing VOTT speakers and is offering look alike knock offs. But I doubt that he is following the Altec formula for good sound.

Maybe they sound great, maybe they don't. Who knows? My experience, with a local fashion store guy in L.A., is that it's less about sound than "cool factor" looks. Not for me

I’ve heard of ojas through my mentor. He is the one who helps engineer those with Ojas. Custom JBL drivers too. He is teaching me lots about horn design and I’m going to be making some soon. From what he told me they are is favorite pair of speakers to date given their small-ish size.
I can tell you that the guy who helped engineer it really knows his stuff from a deep mathematics standpoint. He redesigned the crossover 50 times for their 8” coaxial speaker and i have now doubt that it sounds amazing I’ve been wanting to get a pair too!
i would have been so much better at math IF I got 50 shots at a problem….

I have a pair of the Ojas kit speakers, and I LOVE them.  I a/b tested vs. Klipsch heritage Cornwalls and Belles (both with upgraded components), and I like the Ojas better.  As my wife said, the Klipsch sound nice and smooth, but the Ojas have a great "1980's sound".  Once I received these, I sold my Cornwalls and I want a second pair to replace the Belles!

p.s. I just received my second pair of Ojas DIY speakers and immediately sold my Klipsch Belles...

I was interested in the Ojas stand mount horn speaker.  They never seem to be in stock.  Or maybe they just sell out really fast.

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@garyalex yeah, they sell out very quickly. follow him @devonojas on Instagram to get his release announcements. 

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I've heard the OJAS DIY speakers many times at a store in LA. Usually on the OJAS Class D and the OJAS branded cables, which I think are rebranded Beldons. Haven't heard it with a good tube amp.

its pleasant but did not blow me away whatsoever...esp. for the price. I am really amazed you sold Klipsch for them - but I haven't heard Klipsch in a long time, and if you compared them in the same room, I definitely respect whatever you were hearing. (Would love detailed comments on the differences).


@perchperkins When you say he redesigned the xover 50 times, you mean Devon or your mentor?