Quick speaker review: Ojas DIY kit

Quick notes in case you are wondering about the Ojas speaker kits.  Recently bought the DIY kit from Ojas, the project from Devon Turnbull.  As promised, it was easy to assemble and they sound GREAT.  Shockingly good, no sub needed, reminds me of my 1980’s JBL speakers (these are JBL too I believe).  Made me sell my modded Klipsch Cornwalls (which I loved).  Painted them green, they are my TV/audio system, I’m very happy.


Don't be shy post a pic or two. Show us your handy work.. :-)

Block sanded with spot putty is fine. "I'M" not looking for goodies, I just want to see yours. I'm nosey. :-)


Cool. Congratulations. Sounds rewarding. I remember building cabinets for speakers in college, incredibly cost effective.

Wow, those look awesome.  Congrats.

I'd love to hear them after seeing the cool video profiles that people have recently done on Devon.

Congrats Garth they do look great and seen some cool stuff about Ojas and Devon he seems to get it.

WOW, those are cool and will certainly be looking into them myself. Enjoy the music

Hey there @garthb309. Now that you’ve had these for a while, can you elaborate on your thoughts about their sound? I’ve been looking for an efficient pair of speakers for my Leben 300xs. It’s been frustratingly difficult to find any reviews on how these speakers actually sound, just lots of interviews with Devon. I’m wondering if you could compare them to other high efficiency speakers? I’ve owned Zu Soul’s MII and have listened to the Soul Mk VI as far as high efficiency go. Thank you!

@garthb309 which cornwalls did you have?

I’ve also been wanting to hear more feedback on these. Lack of serious reviews makes one think the speakers did their job of marketing to the not so serious audiophile and more to the street wear fashion crowd. Good to hear you at least had a good speaker to compare them to

@avgonzalez77 @blkwrxwgn great questions, and great point about the marketing.    My comparisons are the Klipsch heritage series: heresy's, cornwalls, la scalas, and belles.  Most recently I had souped up Belles with ALK crossovers in my basement/man cave.  In that space, to me, the Ojas speakers outperformed the Belles (and the rest of the Klipsch's).  I think the Ojas does a nicer job on the treble/high end without ear fatigue, and the lower end are actually crisper than the Klipsch.  My wife summed it up on the overall sound: "The Ojas have a great "80's" sound.  

It's possible (highly probably even), that the La scalas/Belles crush the Ojas in a large space, but in my 13' x 18' room with low ceilings the Ojas sound way better in a lower volume setting.  

If you want more validation on how much I like them:  I bought a second pair of Ojas, the latest pair with the mod kit!

Also, Devon and his team provided great customer service, I had some problems with the second mod kit and he sent replacement parts out immediately and was very helpful.

hey @garthb309 thanks for the follow up! Question for you - how would you characterize the "80's sound"? 

@avgonzalez77 great question, it's the sound you get when you turn on one of those classic teen movies (sixteen candles, say anything, pretty in pink).  It's a bit of a metallic, boom box sound but in a good, nostalgic way!  Listening to Bowie's "Let's Dance" album was a perfect match for these speakers.  The bass is crisp (but not booming) so it's enough bass, although I do like my subwoofer with the Ojas + horn mod for a total package.

Hope that helps!  

p.s. I think these are great, and wouldn't be surprised if Devon doesn't do this forever,  that's why I picked up a second pair

@avgonzalez77 Did you get the Ojas?.. I'm in a similar situation with the Leben CS300XS. Looking for more efficent speakers and these look like fun...