old expensive cd player or new cd mid price ?

Hi all! i need choise about 2 this cds player.

Accuphase DP-11 and Marantz DV9500

for only stereo use.
i have heard a MArantz. Very good quality sound in stereo mode.
Accuphase (model 1990) can be better ?
Well I can't speak to those two exact players but I am thoroughly enjoying my 1995ish vintage Sony XA7ES player - I was using a Denon 3930CI. Just remember that replacement laser blocks for these older players are impossible to find so once the laser goes the player is likely done.

For what it's worth, I have the Marantz DV6001 used for 2 channel and multi-channel SACD and it is superb for the money. I can't believe the sound that comes from this unit. Love it. I would say the DV9500 would sound even better. Is this new or discontinued? The Accuphase DP-11 is 1990 vintage. It has only an 18-bit DAC where the Marantz has 24-bit. Having said all this, it's still comes down to the sound but CD players have improved dramatically since the early 1990s, even over the past 5 years. My vote would be for the Marantz. Are you buying the Marantz preowned?
I used to think newer digital gear blows away older gear. Untrue to my ears. There's more to a digital player than the DAC chip. Power supplies, output devices, etc. make a big difference. James Tanner of Bryston said they were very surprised at how little difference the different DAC chips made when developing their digital gear. They made a difference, but not anywhere near the differences made by power supplies and output devices. These things don't become obsolete very easily. My mid 90s Theta Cobalt DAC sounds better than the current $500 DACs such as the DACmagic and V-DAC to my ears. The Cobalt retailed for about $800 or so in it's day, if not not mistaken. Higher end models would probably sound better.

What would make me hesitant about an older CDP is the transport life. If it's obsolete, when it goes it can't be repaired. I'd find out the transport used and confirm that it's still available, especially if the CDP is expensive.
I have to agree with Kbarkamian on this. I also have a Theta Cobalt 307 connected to a panasonic blu-ray player and I like itssound better than the Audio Refinement Complete which should have newer DACs compared to the Theta Cobalt.
New equipment is always nice to get,but I feel just get a new dac and keep the old cd player as a transport.