Old School MFSL

For fans of the older Mobile Fidelity stuff:  http://www.elusivedisc.com/MFSL-Sealed-Vinyl-Rare-Out-Of-Print/products/3121/1/0    One of my favorite labels, back in the 80's.    I've been a happy customer of Elusive Disc, for over a decade(no other connection).
Regarding SQ, I think my favorite is Hall & Oats "Abandoned Luncheonette". One hell of a record!
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Damn, look at the prices Elusive Disc is asking for the OOP Mobile Fidelity LP's! They'll never sell their copy of Music From Big Pink at that price, as the new version is better and can be had for far less $.
By "new version" I meant the newer Mobile Fidelity, not the 50th Anniversary from Capitol. Mobile Fidelity issued Music From Big Pink twice, unusual for them.
We all know that something is only worth what someone else will pay for it. Some call it the "greater fool theory." I have seen these prices before. Despite that, I sold my Mobile Fidelity albums at $50 each (many were still sealed). I had only paid $13.99 for each. The only exception was the 5-record Woodstock boxed set, probably very rare, that went for $200. I was happy to make a profit.
Dammit! I only want to spend $16.50 for that Woodstock Record because I spent $900 on my phono cable.