Can A Network Player/Streamer Be Hooked Up to Old School Receivers

I hate FM radio now days with all the commercials and incessant talking over the songs. I was wondering if internet radio can be played through an old school set up with the addition of a network player.  I was thinking of a Marantz or an Arcam.  Thanks.  
The Bluesound Node2i that I use has your basic analog out which can be connected to the analog in on a pre amp or integrated amp and I would think a receiver as well. 
It works easily.  I had a Bluenode 2 plugged into a 1970s Luxman CL350 preamp feeding into a 70s Marantz DC170 power amp.  Worked flawlessly and enjoyed that in my basement setup for more than a year before switching some components again.
Besides the Node 2, I use an Apple TV into two aging AVRs for Internet Radio.
I just picked up a Bluesound Vault 2i and it is awesome.... if you don't need CD ripping/archive then the Node 2i is perfect for streaming .   It sounds pretty good through it's analog outputs.  I have it connected to my DAC via coax and to my preamp via RCA so I can listen to MQA files through Tidal.   

The Node 2i has Blutooth also so you can stream from your phone or a guest can stream content on their phone or tablet to your system..