Old vs new DAC comparison

I pulled out my old Theta Gen Va DAC to use with a ripper/server. I sounds very good to me.Has anyone listened to this 25+ years old design by Mike Moffat with a "perfect time and phase response" executed in a DSP "running at 125 MIPS", and compared it to his more recent Schiit Yggdrasil?
haven’t compared it to the yggy

but yes indeed .... theta gen v iirc are ladder dacs that sound very sweet and dimensional, not a surprise why there is a resurgence of r2r dacs in the present day amidst an ocean of DS dacs

why don't you write mike m at schiit ask him?
I did get a response from someone at Schiit (not from MM).They said the Yggy was inspired from Moffat's Theta design, obviously with updated DACs and DSPs. The new filter is different.(Recall that the Theta Gen Va, had 4 20 bit DACs, and a time and phase reconstruction filter in a DSP, and sold in the late 90s for $6100.)He had heard both, and commented that the Yggy was more resolving and transparent, and that the Gen Va was warmer with a more punchy bass. I find it interesting that today's product shows some progress at about 1/4 the price in 2020 $. But I estimate that most of the gain in cost is in the Schiit business model, not technology.