Older 90's highly rated bookshelf vs. newer technology

Wanted to get a couple of opinions......was planning on putting together a small system for a master bedroom based around a lower powered integrated amplifier and a pair of stand mount speakers.  I've always loved the older Sonus Faber line such as the Concertino and the Concerto but it's been a really long time since I've heard a pair.  As far as newer loudspeakers, I've take a look at models such as the Nola Boxer, Opera Mezza, with my eyes really on the Dynaudio Excite X14 or the Contour S1.4.  My question is whether the older Sonus models really stand up to the newer models that I've listed......I realize I'd have to listen to both ideally, but just in general would the newer highly rated standmounts outperform an older what was once comparable in price point speaker like the Concerto?  
Despite what the audio press would like you to believe, speaker technology has not advanced as much as some digital media, particularly in the range of size that you indicated. While I can't predict your musical tastes (since you didn't mention it), I can say that older Sonus Faber speakers may be the biggest value in used audio. Add to that, they sell quickly on the used market. However, the only way to really decide is to audition them for yourself.
some of the older speakers are terrific, but I do think there have been some significant improvements in materials and design the past 25 years. I would also be cautious about aging in speakers that are 20 -25 years old.
driver technology in particular has continued to evolve--manufacturers are using ever lighter, stiffer materials and (i would assume) more advanced computer technology in the design process. whether or not this evolution results in better-sounding speakers is, of course, more of a subjective question. to my ears, less-expensive speakers do sound more transparent than the comparably-priced peers of 20 years ago. as for your selections, i personally think the dynaudio contour is a great speaker (wasn't as impressed with the xcite or the sf and aren't as familiar with the others); however it does need some power, so you'd need to be sure your integrated has enough oomph. psb synchrony or totem model one are also worthwhile; major raves for the kef ls50 as well.
I've got off the bandwagon a few years ago with a pair of used Sonus Faber Electa Amator II's.  They remind me of a fine, full bodied cabernet and I love good red wine.  A work of art.  I'm sure there are speakers with new technology that sound better but I don't feel like looking for them any longer.  Between Tidalhifi with my Ayre DAC, LFD integrated and VPI turntable when I'm in the mood for vinyl, put a fork in - I'm done.  
As a postscript to my post, I also own Sonus Faber Electa Amators. I have lived comfortably with them for more than twenty years and I don't see anything on the horizon that will replace them, except maybe a pair of Quads or SF Extremas. If I were looking for small bookshelf sized speakers, I would look seriously at a pair of Rogers LS 3/5As.