Older Audio Research Preamp Capacitors - ?

Bought an Audio Research SP6 preamp a few months ago and it recentlyt started to exhibit a humm. Traced it back to the power supply capcitors...the last thing I was hoping for. Anyways, I wanted to see if anyone knows of a place that still sells these capacitors, or if anyone had any recommendations on how to circumvent these old monsters.

I haven't come to terms with sending it back to AR to repair for $500 - $700 or with making it an anchor just yet. Thanks.
Nick Gowan in Campbell, California services the ARC products on the west coast. Many people have recommanded him to me. His price is reasonable as well. I recently contacted him about modding my LS2B MkII. He was very nice and spent about 1/2 hour talked to me about it. Basically it came down to that he didn't think upgrading any capacitor, etc. would have effect on the sound for the ARC. But he believed that resoldering all the parts using Cardas solder would improve the sound.

Give him a call and see what he can do for you. His phone number is 408-370-7578.

When making a purchase and the ad states the seller had new caps installed the first thing you should ask is who did the work. If done by the seller himself you have to wonder if the new caps are the same value and if installed correctly. If non-polorized & they are the correct value, there should be no concern here. But your stating the original caps are the cause & obviously there is a problem. Audio Research is so darn expensive, I know because I inquired about repairing an ARC SPll MKll power supply. The price to repair this was shockingly high, still have it boxed up in my attic. Interestingly, Audio Research is now up for sale but from what I understand the buyer has to maintain their high standards & meet certain criteria. Tonedef 33, if you have a schematic take the SP6 to a reliable local tech. If you don't have a schematic call ARC to see if they could send one, it will speed up repairs. The posts/advice above & who to contact are excellent!
Thank you for the responses. I appreciate the avenues mentioned and will check into each of them.