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What area or country do you live in ?
Ottawa, Canada 
Can you buy a VPI tonearm base ??
The people at VPI are really nice. Call or email them. I have even had Sheila Weisfeld (Harry's wife) respond to my emails. 
Someone hit Martin Logan CLX with the ugly stick?
As always, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I think they look great in red. Looking forward to listening to them; I like Logans. 
Need Schematics for CAL Delta and Sigma II
No, I did not. Please email me if you locate them. 
amp de-powering soon after power-on
I suspect that it is caused by circuitry that turns the amp off in the event of overheating etc...a defective component (possibly a capacitor) in the circuit is causing the circuit to get turned on, turning off the amp. As Nsgarch suggested, conta... 
Ground Loop Problem - Stumped
Are you sure your interconnects are good? You may want to get a meter and check continuity. 
CD output voltage too high for preamp: what to do?
If your AI preamp is out of warranty and you have the schematics, you can probably get a good tech (if you know one) to change a couple of resistors on the premap attentuation board....come to think of it, AI should do this for you at a very low c... 
6550 or KT88 ?
Atomickid: where did you buy the Tungsols from? 
Older Audio Research Preamp Capacitors - ?
Also try Great Northern Sound. Steve there is very helpful. 
Improvements to the Shanling CDT100
Tubes for Tenor 75wi
Try partsconnexion.com 
Klyne pre-amps, any experience out there?
I am still kicking myself for not buying the Klyne SK2A head amp when it was easily available; it was amazing what it did with vinyl. A few years ago I located one though Audiogon, and settled on a price, but the slimeball who was supposed to sell... 
Linn Components
Lugnut: I agree with your comment about Linn dealers (well, the one that I know) being 'hoity, toity' - there was one dealer who essentially refused to answer a simple question I had - what was the price of the LP12? His response: there is no such... 
tube character with pre-amp
Check out audioasylum.com 
What's your favorite lyric from a song?
"To seek the breast of darknessAnd be suckled by the night""The Poem on the Underground Wall" by Simon and Garfunkel