Omega Micro cables

Good morning

Thinking of trying some ribbon digital and analog interconnects after being extremely happy with my Silversmith Audio Fidelium speaker cables.

Can anyone comment on these cables? Look fragile. 

Any other suggestions?

budget of $600 total for one pair of analog interconnect and one RCA/SPDIF cable


I have not heard the Omega Mikro, but I do own the Fideliums SC's and can tell you the Sternklang Interconnects are excellent pairing at least in my system. They are copper ribbon style...incredible detail retrieval with great sound overall. They are fragile, so don't play tug of war with them :).

Contact Gestalt Audio to see if you can try a pair.


omega mikros/mapleshade ic’s are very fragile and need to be transported and handled with care

but so long as you do that they can sound wonderful

i would say though, that in my own use of them, they can be somewhat prone to interference, so placement, routing, dressing can be important (and a pain sometimes)

I’ve used their cables for ~20 yrs in a 2 channel, analog system that is sounded for musical detail and “speed”. I highly recommend their products but reinforce warnings about their fragility. They’re not eye candy — frankly odd and cheap looking. But their detail is extraordinary. My experience is that you may not want to use them in just a good mid-Fi system. The system may will not allow full appreciation. I found that their PCs on my WE 300B SET mono blocks was the most impressive aspect for sound enhancement. My 🐈‍⬛ loves them. Fortunately the repair costs are surprisingly reasonable. Good listening!

Hi Emil,

I'd suggest you consider the Foilflex copper foil interconnects by Mike Lenehan. Excellent sonics, flexible and NOT fragile.