On the prog train - a Big Big one

So, in my ongoing quest for some great prog I've been going through the Big Big Train catalog.  Some really good stuff!  But, I've recently landed on From Stone and Steel.  Apparently it is a 'live in studio' recording of music from a few of their albums.  It is blowing me away!  Great songs, excellent musicians, excellent recording quality with a live feel.  Some definite goosebump moments for me.  One of those finds that I keep playing over and over.  I highly recommend you give it a listen.

Any BBT fans care to give their recommendations?  Thanks


Never heard of them but just checked them out on youtube. Shane that the singer died. He had a beautiful voice reminiscent of Peter Gabriel. I'm going to buy a disc.


Yes, a shame indeed.  Great voice, great singer.  I agree, like Gabriel at times but a much stronger voice.  Hope you enjoy! 

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