On ''what there is''

The question looks ''philosophical'' in the sense of ''what exist?''. In the old terminology ''ontology question''.
The modern formulation (by Quine) is: ''what are the values of your variables''? In our hobby ''what are
the new available components''?  Can one person know what are available components? Obviously not
but we have ''collective knowledge''. Each contribution is welcome. Like in science. But like in science there
are individuals with special contributions. Raul with his MM contributions and his ''successor'' chakster
with his contributions about ''both kinds'': MC's and MM's. Despite his ''modest means''. I think we should
be thankful to have such individuals.
I think, I think I am, therefore I am, I think.

That, that exists, exists. That, that does not exist, does not exist.
Does anybody else think "Who's on First" is more entertaining than this stuff?  I mean.... other than me.
Ok, I've been away from reading the board for the last three days.....

What the hell happened?
I expected Lew to ''shine in'' regarding English as second language.
He participated in many scientific gatherings so he must be
confronted with ,say, ''Chinese or Japanese English''. Deed he
understand his colleague with ''bad English'' or deed he avoid
them  because of ''language problem''? I assume scientific terminology familiar to all members of the same ''domain'' of