One box do it all

Enough of separates. Too many boxes, too many cables, don't care for those anymore.

I am willing to get a simple box that will do for me:
- AMP driving Dynaudio special forty, at least 100W
- Pre Amp for digital and analog
- Needs to have phono input as I still do some 20% listening on those, possibly MC but can live with MM
- Streaming, has to be Roon Ready as most of the time I do Roon or Roon on top of Qobuz
- Budget 2500, can't really stretch it much more than that

Seems like Cambridge EVO 150 and Arcam SA30 fit the bill but I will not get a chance to listen to those comparatively and the reviews (the "honest" ones that I could find) are kind of OKish but several complaints on Arcam stability and not so convincing on Cambridge SQ. NAD C388 also come to mind but doesn't seem to have much of a reputation

Anyone here has had personal experience with those ?

Any alternative that I should consider ?

Thanks a lot for reading so far,

Preowned Parasound Hint 6 gets you all the goods, less streamer. Add a Node and you should be able to hit really close to 2500.00. If you look for the earlier Halo version, you could definitely get where you want to be budget wise.
Why so many inputs ! Thanks a lot really ! Lots of homework for me.
Seems like within my budget I’ll end up with 2 boxes, OK, better than 4 or 5.

Nad 658 + power amp looks like a nice option, also M10.

Parasound Integrated 200 looks absolutely great but is not distributed here where I am (Italy)

I am intrigued by the NuPrime and I see they have also an Omnia A300 that seem more suited to my needs. Just one line input and no Phono though...

Lyngdorf would have been my first choice but list price here is around 6KEuro for the  TDAI3400, like 7K$. Didn't see any used but if they come up they will go for around 5, way beyond my budget.  TDAI 1120 is well within my budget but I am worried it will be under powered for my Special 40.

No thoughts on the CA EVO anyone ?

Thanks again,

I'd look for a used Parasound Halo Int, everything but the streaming and great sound quality to boot. Nice built in dac, solid phono section, plenty of current. Truly a jack of all trades. Add a Bluesound Node2i and you are off and running, er listening....
Peachtree Nova 150 or 300 bundled with a Bluesound NODE would get you there with an MM phonostage

Another way to go would be to plug an iOS device directly into the Nova, using a lightning-to-USB cable. Peachtree designed the Nova 2.0 series for direct input from lightning devices. In this set-up, you can configure the iOS device to be a Roon endpoint. Or play directly from the iPad/iPhone/iPod_Touch.

This alternative provides an even smaller footprint than the BS Node, no power cord, and a display. Plus, the iOS device is fully portable. And you may find the SQ superior (though I’ve never compared it to the latest version of the Node).
@ozzy62 would you include the higher end integrateds in your evaluation as well? Boulder 866, Gryphon Diablo 300, Simaudio 700vi2?