Onix SP3: What speakers are you using?

Hello again.
My love affair/obsession with this little amp continues.
My tube compliment and the HiFi Tuning fuses are burning in nicely. I am really, really enjoying this amp, this hobby and the three pairs of speakers I own. That's the problem: I have three sets of speakers I absolutely love.
I'd like to hear from other SP3 owners what speakers they are using, why they like them, and why they pair well with this amp.
I look forward to hearing from you all. I always learn a lot from your responses.
One of my favorite combination is with my JBL 4312C monitors. Their neutrality lets the SP7 (in my case) work wonders. Especially in the bass. They are not noted for bass response, but do surprisingly well with the SP7. Same for the mids and upper frequencies. I had the SP7 connected to my MMG's and that was another excellent combination. With the MMG's, the midrange is spectacular. Very musical, but not smearing. Coherent. Also, in this case, the lower frequencies (which are difficult to achieve in small planars, unless placement is meticulously experimented )hits tight. Sometime I have to keep the volume lower than expected, even considering that the 45 watt output of the sp7 would "normally" be assumed to have a hard time driving planars. Not in this case. It can creat over-excursion and a nice THWACK! if I'm not carefull with volumes on certain recordings.
I have heard the SP3 with Clements, Sololiquy 5.3, Aurum Cantus Lesiure 3's and belive it or not a pair of $5,000 Living Voices are doing full duty with the SP3. Not bad at all. Im not a huge fan of Living Voice speakers but it was a very good combination. Very musical and presents a really nice soundstage. Not the best sound I have heard but surely one I could easily live with.
Had mine hooked up to a pair of vintage large Advents, as neutral a speaker as you can find; very good combination. Now I have it hooked up to a pair of Onix ELT525 monitors and an Energy subwoofer. This little wonder did well with both sets of speakers.
As there is a pair of large Advents on the 'Gon right now, can you describe the sound, soundstage, imaging, etc. for me?
What size room? Stands? Anything else relevant...
BTW: I am using a pair or Onix Reference 1 Mk 2, a pair of Rega R3's and a pair of Rega R5's.
If you haven't heard these speakers you really, really should.
I know that everybody on Earth by now has heard the Onix references, but I find so little on the 'net about the Regas. They are quite simply superb speakers.

Here is a link to the Sterophile review of the large Avent loudspeakers:


As you can see from the review, they are detailed, neutral and accurate. I had the speakers in a very large room on 8" stands and they sounded great and could fill the room easily.

My Advents were re-foamed before I bought them, a necessity given how old they are. Make sure the ones for sale are have been or that you are capable of re-foaming them yourself for best results.

I am familiar with Onix line. I have a pair of mini-strata's in my home rig and love them. Have never heard the Regas. I have way too many speakers at the moment to audition a new set.

Good luck!
in a near field ( 10x12 room) i am using the new harbeth p3sr to excellent effect: sufficient and clean bass, with the harbeth mids and upper mids. sounds much 'bigger' than i have any right to expect. just enjoying the music.
Thanks for all the great info.
I am amazed to hear the SP3 can power the Harbeths. I am glad to hear it though. This opens the doors to new possibilities for me.
If you haven't heard Rega speakers I highly recommend you do so. For the price, the sound is incredible. Hey I own two pairs and I can't decide which I like better: the Rega R3's, Rega R5's or the Onix Ref 1 Mk 2's.
Heck, I just swap them out every month or so and I really enjoy them all.
Please give the Regas a listen. The new RS series are said to be even better.
I also love this little amp.

For about two years I've been using some rehabbed/modified Dynaco A25 speakers with mine. These vintage Dynacos replaced a pair of AC Sapphire III LE speakers in my system due to their (comparatively) amazing synergy with the Onix. Using them with a Mirage subwoofer (line level) and it was easy to get a seamless blend.

I have used many speakers with this amp and most sound good. My two favorites were the Usher be718's and the Sol 5's. By the way , which HiFi tuning fuse do you use. I know it is an 8A/250V. But is it fast or slo blow....
Jt3...I was suprised also. I guess the impedance curve must be pretty steady. And also I am in a small room so I don't have to push them to play loud enough. At about 85 db sens., volume might be a problem in large room. By the way I also use the VA 350b as power tubes and I love them. Has anyone tried them?
Larryrx7...I also have the SP3 with VA350b for the power tubes and I really like the VA's as well. I'm powering a pair of Monitor Audio RS6 and must admit that I'm happy with the combination.