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One Return or Two for Interconnects?
No problems. Also, how are you positioning the wires in relation to one another? Are they shielded independently? Explain your design. 
Best lighting for an audio room
Christmas lights do not put out enough heat to warrant a smoke alarm. 
Time to change speakers again
I dont change...I just keep buying until I have all the different sounds I want. It doesnt have to break your bank either. 
Best lighting for an audio room
Here is what I do, Get a string of christmas lights, all white, and the smallest you can find. Place them around the rear permineter of your rack. Tape them down. If they are too bright, wrap some brown duck tape around each light to cast a low le... 
Tweeters got me baffled.
It only makes a difference if you hear it. 
Is an anti-static gun necessary?
Only for eliminating attraction of dust. Acoustically, static makes no noise whatsoever during playback. It is a myth. 
The Hub: ''Handcrafted Ralph Gleason'' ?
I purchased an amp here from Lance simply BECAUSE of the add. And I'm pleased as hell with it also. 
House calls vs. institutions?
Amazing synopsis Jim...that is an example of what I'm going for here. There are better ways agreed, but giving up the ghost seems depressing. Do we all HAVE to follow the path laid before us? 
Novice here with questions
I second the Magnepan option, but with a used pair of 1.6's. Those will perform better in that room, better with more power. They run approx. 900-1200 used. I would spend half your budget on the speaker. I would then look at an integrated with AT ... 
House calls vs. institutions?
This is true Elizabeth. Let’s look at this on a deeper level. Audiophiles are subjective creatures. What is best for one can be horrible for the other. Could are behavior and expectations be altered if we knew that a specific piece of equipment wa... 
Is Linn gear sensitive to cables?
Is Linn gear sensitive to cables? Very...I've had my Linn CDP on Zoloft for the last 3 years simply by the the sheer mention of cables. Ok, seriously. Are you suggesting that your cabling is keeping you from moving forwards? This is bad. Do you ha... 
Making the best of mediocre speakers
Let me second the MMGW option. With a sub (fight for it...dont give up), you CAN be satisfied with the results. 
JBL L series....early 90s...L-3,5,7
very nice much if you dont mind my asking? 
Vinyl flaw? Problem with system? Rare pressing?
If you can sell it on Ebay and fund your next upgrade...then you know its worth. LOL. 
Power Cords for TW Raven AC & Levinson 390
Dont do it. Buy a better replacement mainly for the fit on the TT. Then, use that on the Levinson (if it fits of course) and see if you can hear a difference. If you think it sounds "better", then you will have more info to go on. If it doesnt sou...