Onkyo 9555

Has anyone heard Onkyo 9555, reviewed in TAS?
I just got my Onkyo A-9555 and it sounds really good!
I'm very impressed with it, large sound stage, dynamic, transparent, very detailed, smooth, no hear fatigue at all.
It's as good as my analog separates that cost 4x the cost of the A-9555 but the Onkyo has the edge on being clearer, clean, and slightly more detailed. I'm happy with the Onkyo A-9555! Onkyo did a really good job! It also has alot of extention that can easily fill a large room with plenty of volume with full bodied sound.
try either jandr.com or amazon.com. i am tempted myself. i have a couple of ancient onkyo receivers hanging around that refuse to die so i trust their reliability.