Onkyo TX-NR807 receiver or similar - amp any good?

Hi I just got this aforementioned Onkyo receiver for my new home theater setup and I am also setting up my stereo with it - I used to have TV and stereo in different spots. I have some Vienna Acoustics Mozart speakers for the main speakers. On my old stereo setup I had some Marantz MA500 amps that I liked a lot. But, I only had two of them. Right now I am just using the Onkyo's internal amp for stereo listening. Since the Onkyo can run as a preamp only I, could use my two Marantz amps to amplify the two front channels on the Onkyo, but before I tested that out I wondered what the opinions are on the quality of the Onkyo internal amp compared to my Marantz amps? Also if I did hook the Marantz amps up it could be strange to have one kind of amp driving the mains and another for the other speakers in my HT setup - ? So maybe I should either just use the Onkyo for amplification or get some more MA500's?

If you can track it down, the Sensible Sound (Issue #99) reviewed the Onkyo TX-NR700 & 800 and was very impressed with the quality of parts and overall 2 channel amplifier design of the TX-NR 800. The reviewer's conclusion was that the 800's amp was good enough to be used standalone. The only drawback seemed to be that the unit ran very hot.

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Following my purchase of the 805 I quit looking at the various iterations of Onkyo rec lineup. I thought I heard they went with digital amps on the next series, as many other’s already had. So from the 806 on, D amps were in use. Beats me if or why.

Onkyo as with several other mass fi makers of receivers, tend to put on their best face with the numbers they a lot for their spec sheets. It’s common to see a power rating on receivers these days where the power rating reflects only 2 ch use. My 805 uses transformer output amps, and is rated at 140wpc @ 8 driving two speakers..

It did run warm for sure and I had to place it atop the rack. Adding amps to it reduced that issue to pretty much nothing and has it running now only as a second zone int and multi ch processor..

I’d suspect as with my own 805, if the speakers impedance load is fair to midlin’ that receiver of your’s is up to the task. There are reviews of the 805 online and Google will lead you to it/them.

I found it to be easy to listen to and more a music oriented receiver than a crash and bang HT unit. It could have more jump factor…. Albeit, this is surely a preferential note a bit more so than in truth. A power cord and differing loud speakers can and will make great differences there.

The flip side of that coin says it’s an exceptionally easy to live with and enjoyable to use device for film, TV, and audio, all on it’s own accord IMO. It will definitely gain more focus following run in too.

Aside from your tastes and room requirements, your 807 should do well….. only you can decide if adding the extra amps you have on hand is going to be a step up or not. Get a pair of cables on em and see what you prefer!
Thanks guys. I had no idea if these internal amps stacked up but it sounds like they may not be bad at all. I found the Sensible Sound article online (http://www.thefreelibrary.com/Onkyo+TX-SR800+receiver.-a0115226208) and it doesn't give a lot of description but overall is positive on the amps. In general this is what I found with other reviews, nothing on the amps is mentioned. I bought the receiver (refurb on eBay for a good price) based on a review in Home Theater Mag.

I have to say I was really impressed when I listened to the Onkyo in stereo mode, but it could have more to do with how the new location for the speakers is better than where they were before. Once the dust settles and I have the home theater all set up I will plug in the Marantz amps and do a stereo comparison.

I have the same Onkyo for HT. It is good to get by with for 2 channel stereo, depending on what your standards are. However, it's definitely leagues away from audiophile standards and I'm not trying to sound snobbish.

Since I see you have Vienna Acoustics speakers I think in the longer run you do want upgrade to at least something like a small integrated amp. That would bring the quality up by a substantial margin.

Enjoy your forthcoming A/B-ing once all is in place.

I will say this about that...

the primary limiting factor using an HT receiver is always going to be the preamp/processor within it. Perhaps more so than the amplifiers it uses, provided a proper speaker set is selected to mate with it.

Even adding very good amps outboard of it might not be as satisfactory a result as you could want for, ultimately.

They'll help for sure, in control dynamics and dimensionality. tonally as well.... but at some point to gain better levels of performance, akin to premium sound quality, I'd suggest some thought on separating things into two systems.

there are work arounds like adding a nice pre with a 'HT pass thru' feature but at the least, another set of ICs along with the desired pre will then be required. If another space is available, I'd definitely recommend it. Some other options are there too, but separation is purely best.

Each amp selection I have on hand has been attached to my receiver at some point. SS, tube monos, and hybrid. None of those additions equal what they can sound like with a great preamp feeding them directly off some source.

How much better can/do they sound like that over the proc/pre in the HT Receiver?

A lot! Depending upon the combination, of course, a whole lot!!

Consequently keeping things in general on a similar and accordingly level playing field when adding amps will be a big help in more areas than one, but mainly savings and performance by not over indulging by stepping too far up the amp stair case.

Changing speakers then, might be a better thought…. Though I suspect your’s are pretty good. I’ve only heard the Cremona’s, and some of the SF two ways.

Good luck