Sexiest New 'Vintage'-Style Integrated/Amp/Receiver

What do you think are some new pieces of gear, that offer that sweet & sexy, classic, 'Vintage' style? Bonus points for (real) VU meters. Just curious what options are out there. 

- Yamaha A-S1200

- Leak Stereo 130



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I much prefere the Leak Stereo 130 look than some Gryphon  , which would 

fit well in DarkVador’s listening room.

But I am in my 60´s .

VU meters are fine as long as I can turned them off 

The Yamaha looks great but it's the sound that matters more than looks. I'd tend to look at Musical Fidelity or a Vincent before a mass market brand. 

I've never associated sex with audio components or any other electric or mechanical contraption.

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I like the looks of the PrimaLuna Integrateds. 1930's Mad Scientist/Amateur Anarchist.

That Mac C70 looks really nice! Generally not a huge Mac guy, but that one might change my mind a bit! Any word on how it sounds?

+1 for the high end Yamaha sexiness.  Also big ups to the recent fancy Technics