Hi all!

Got a question for 905 owners. I was going through the setup menu when I came across the PICTURE QUALITY options. Here is how to get in the setup menu that I am talking about:



Once you get to the PICTURE QUALITY sub menu, there are 5 options to make changes. Below are the 5 options:






I would like to know what is the best setting because I got my blu-ray player hooked up to this receiver via HDMI. Right now, I have the PICTURE MODE to AUTO selection. Everything else below that is all on OFF selection. I am not sure if I want to mess around with those options. I figured I should let the blu-ray player do all the work and leave the settings on the 905 alone. Too much settings on the receiver and the blu-ray player can make the picture quality worse.

But I would like to know your opinion on these settings. I just wanted to get the best picture quality when watching blu-ray movies and regular DVD movies. Right now, watching regular DVD movies looks terrible! It's all grainy and fuzzy.

Thanks for any advice!!!!!
On my Onkyo Pro PR-SC885P (which uses the same Reon processor as the 905 I believe), I bypass the video processing entirely when watching blu-ray or HD DVD. I think the picture is better that way, but it may depend on the quality of the processing in your BD player and your TV.

For regular DVD and cable, I engage the video processing
with the following settings:

Picture mode: Auto
Edge Enhancement: Off
Mosquito NR: Medium
Random NR: Medium
Block NR: Off

These are the settings recommended on the Integra 9.8 forum on AudioAsylum. You should check that thread out for further info.

As always, you should try different settings and see what you like best.
Dlcockrum, the reason I connected the player to the receiver and to the TV is that I want to get the DTS-HD Master Audio sound format from my receiver. However, I think all blu-ray player just don't play regular DVD movies so well.

I went back to my regular DVD player with 1080p output with HDMI connection and my regular DVD player outperform the blu-ray player. Picture quality improved quite a bit. I think I will have to watch regular DVD movies on my DVD player and play blu-ray movies on the blu-ray player. Maybe that's why they called it a BLU-RAY player.

Dlcockrum, when you are using the blu-ray player, does your PR-SC885P say "HDMI THROUGH" in the front of the LCD screen?

When I viewing a movie with the blu-ray movie through the 905, all I see is the text "HDMI THROUGH" on the display window of the 905. I was not sure if it suppose to say that.
Alright, I found the problem. My TV picture settings was all off. My 3 year old girl must of push around the remote buttons and got everything messed up.

Once I put back on the original picture settings back on the TV, BAM, everything looks terrific!!!!

Picture is the clearest I have ever seen on a regular DVD movie.

So, it's not the HDMI cable, it's not the blu-ray player or the receiver.
Are there any software or firmware updates for this receiver. I went to Onkyo website and I don't see any firmware updates for this receiver at all.

So does that means everything is working correctly and has all the latest firmware updates right out of the box?

The only updates that I am interested are improving the sound quality for DTS-HD Master Audio and Dolby TrueHD. I also would like to update on the firmware to improve the video quality through this receiver. I have a blu-ray player and using HDMI connection to the receiver and from the receiver to the TV.

Is there a link out there that may have options to what I want to update software or firmware on this this receiver?

Thanks for any advice!!!
I have another question about the 905. I was playing around the AUDIO ADJUST settings and I came across the LFE LEVEL settings. Within the LFE LEVEL settings, there are 6 settings:



DTS 0db


DOLBY TrueHD 0db


DSD 0db


Currently all the levels are at 0db as a default settings. Do I need to adjust all those 6 settings to higher levels? Should I bump up the db levels up to like 5db or the highest levels so it will sound better?
Is there a way to make the PURE AUDIO button to stay light up in blue color all the time while in use?

The PURE AUDIO button I am talking about is right below the STANDBY/ON power button. The PURE AUDIO button will only turn on blue color when I am listening pure 2 channel music. Everything else I listen to, the blue light around the PURE AUDIO turns off. I really like the blue light around the PURE AUDIO button to stay on all the time if it is possible.
I have the receiver Onkyo TX-NR905 and I have a question regarding the Nominal Impedance. My speakers are the Atlantic Technology System 350 THX and rated at 4ohm. In the receiver speaker setting, do I set it to 4ohm, 6ohm or 8ohm? Those are the 3 choices that I see in the TX-NR905.

If I set the receiver to 8ohm, will it sound better, clearer and louder? If I set it to 8ohm, will my speakers get damage?

Thanks for any advice!