Opinions about high fidelity reveal?

Hi, i'm pretty interested to buy some high fidelity reveal cables, I don't know where to start with them, there is a couple of reviews on the interconnects but nothing specific about their power cable reveals. I wonder if anyone has heard them? Or maybe compared them with other cables, even with their former CT1 line?
Thank you for your comments, opinions and suggestions. By the way, it's impossible for me to hear them, so I must trust on reviews and your opinions. My current system includes a pair of scansonic mb1, nuforce Sta 200, nuforce mcp 18 preamplifier, OPPO BDO 103, XLO reference 2 and 3 interconnects, XLO, oyaide power cables, audience au24e speaker cables
My opinion is search reviews of cables, find the ones you like the comments of best, and then try that. If it happens to be fidelity reveal, so be it. Never, ever decide on a brand and then try and find out what it sounds like. Might as well throw a dart.
The reveal ic I have it’s a full sounding cable, no trace of brightness at all.I would guess the reveal pc are of the same sound as the ic.
OP yesterday I listened to my system using reveal High fidelity ic between my audio research preamp and my Tsakadiris monoblocks , Speaker cable tellurium black diamond,.Speakers Technics SB C700 , I noticed I am hearing more energy and impact is to die for. At first I don’t know what’s helping the new sound coming out from the Technics, I checked the cables , then I realize the reveal was there and it settled 6fays later.One thing I noticed on HF cables like my reveal ic the sound always sound energetic and fresh and never boring on my systems. Since high fidelity  has good sale going on I bought the reveal pc and mc6 power strip for my other system.I believe if you have one HF ic or speaker cable on chain , that’s good enough.my 0.2 cents
Audio Bacon did a review of the Reveal loom.He liked them quite a bit and mentioned that "they play well with other brands" in a system. You can Google it:-)
Jtcf I agree the reveal series they play well with other brand, like Nordost , Tellurium, Cerious tech technology and Teo Cables, Audio Envy.