Opinions needed-fatigue

My system is as follows:Exposure 2010DS Integrated,Tavish Classic Phono, Pioneer PL-630 TT w/Shure V15ii cart,Audiovector M1 Signature on Target stands filled with Silica Sand,Transparent cables loom
Also, I guess part of the listening system would be my totl Widex hearing aids. Speakers are 6’ apart, 2’ from back wall. Listening chair places my ears about 6’ from them, and right at tweeter height, direct center. Imaging is great, separation is fantastic, for the most part very enjoyable. I have a thing for "audiophile vinyl pressings." Trouble is, I find the highs fatiguing past about the 9:00 mark on the volume dial, or right about 76 or so db (IIRC) depending on the track. Duane Allman solos, horns on jazz recordings, etc. Is it reasonable to think I should be able to listen louder at such close range, is there an obvious weak link in my rig causing the fatigue?
If you can move your chair back at least 3 feet or so, you will be amazed at the difference in sound.

You don't mention 'toe in'. How much (if any)? Distance from side walls? 
IME 6' is a bit too close for near field listening. An 8ft equilateral triangle, or something close thereto, with the speakers further out into the room could be much better (assuming you have the space available).  
You getting blistered. That's what I call it. mids are WAY forward and the high right at eye level.. 8-12 feet and put it just over you head with a laser pin.   Maybe..
Shure V15ii
Does it have bonded elliptical stylus, not original one?
+ medium mass tonearm
Another thing to try is toeing  the speakers in so the tweeters are crossing about a foot in front of you or pointing at your shoulders rather than directly at your ears.
My brother has to remove his hearing aids when listening to music. He finds it way too bright with them in.
Thanks all, much appreciated.

Unfortunately this is a very small room, but I will be moving my listening into a larger room when the kid goes back to college in a week or so.

Speakers are toed in about 15 degrees. When I had the Pioneer reconditioned I hunted to find a cartridge from roughly the same era, and found the NOS v15ii. To me, the cart seems like the weak link as my previous TT (U-Turn Orbit) had a 2M Red on it and I didn't get quite as bad of fatigue from it. With that said, the PL-630 sounds SO much better that I find myself listening longer and louder. I wouldn't be against replacing it with a bit of an upgrade, but will wait to hear it in the bigger room first.
’speakers are toed in about 15 degrees.’ A major problem, I think. Most speakers are hot on axis and that is close to where you are. If you can, just for the fun of it, point your speakers straight ahead and see what happens - a potential problem though in a small room would be side wall reflections. If that isn’t possible, or the sound isn’t good, then try crossing the axis of your speakers well in front of your listening position (as previously suggested). Good luck with set up in your new room, small rooms are a bitch.
Just heard the same in big room with a little bit newer cartridge Shure V15III and more high end system. You can tame it a little - lower VTA (look tonearm height adjustment in manual) and try increase / decrease VTF to see what happens.
Many moons ago I owned the Shure V15 3 and 4. They would put me to sleep. Boooooooring!