Opinions on Aragon 4004MKII?

I know this is not state of the art and all but how do folks feel about this amps quality and performance, your thoughts would be great.
I use this amp for mids and tweets in a bi-amp set-up and am curious of its signature vs other similar priced used amps in this power and price range, say Classe, Parasound and others.......thanks as always.
Have been using one for some time now. Very happy with it's
sound and build quality.I have heard better but it costs a lot of money to get there.
I think it's a good amp. Though, If it were me...thinking about some sort of amp upgrade for "your" system:

I would put tubes on the mid/HF drivers, and move the Aragon to the woofers. Your crossover point between the mids and woofers is low enough to get a good blend between the two amp types....and, with an active crossover, it will be seamless.

I've tried this with my Apogees, but....my crossover point is in a more critical area than yours.


Thanks guys, I have thought about tubes on and off for a couple years, now that I am not in the living room and in my own soom soon i think I could go that direction.
Excellent sounding amp, very tough or near impossible to beat at its price point!
thanks Phd.....I am happy with amp, just wanted to know if anyone had opinions, bordem and keyboards dont mix lol
Chadnliz, I own both the Aragon 4004 MK II and the 2004 MK II. I loaned the 4004 to a friend who now wants to buy it and kept the 2004 because I don't need the power the 4004 offers. My speakers are horn loaded, are rated at 110db so the potent 100 watts per channel offered by the 2004 is more than enough power. Either amp is great.

The Aragon power amps are more refined & are superior in soundstaging capabilities compared to Parasound. I believe the Classe amps will sound warmer than Aragon and are considered very good. If you like the Krell sound, you will like Aragon.
This generation of Aragon amplifiers were designed by Krell.

Really nice amplifiers that hold their value well. However, they are getting a little long in the tooth and very well could use a service within the next couple of years.