Opinions on Sim 330A Power Amplifier

I was planning on purchasing an Anthem 325 3 channel amp to run my Paradigm 85f's and 55C center speaker. My dealer suggests buying the Sim 330A  2 channel Power amp instead.  I can easily afford it if I don't buy the Lumin T2 that I was planning on purchasing and just continue with my Bluesound Node 2i for listening to Qobuz music. I respect my dealers knowledge but just want to have other opinions before I decide. Thanks 
That's a tough one, can you audition both at the same time? Simaudio makes good stuff, benefit is class A operation to 5 watts/channel. The specs are impressive for the Anthem 325. I haven't heard either, but your listen test should be your gage.
I am going to the dealer on Monday, hopefully I will make the right decision. My experience in auditioning good equipment is that everything sounds good and it’s hard to discern the differences between amps 
There are a ton of amps that can match or exceed the Sim gear

Look at the coda.8 made in the usa 18 watts pure class a then150 watts ab killer amp at 6300 has been compared to 14k pass labs and found to be just as good

The amp can be rebiased to provide 400 watts


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@audiotroy The Coda 8 is out of my price range and I don't think my dealer carries it. Can you give me your opinion of the Anthem Gen 2 325 vs the Sim 330A. The Anthem is definitely in the right price range for me, my dealer says the Sim is way better and worth the extra money. Also the 325 is 3 amps, the Sim is two, my dealer said I am still better off with the Sim. Thanks if you can answer
I own the Moon by SimAudio 700i V2 Integrated Amplifier and like it very much.   It is a welcomed addition to my audio system.

Can you audition the SimAudio 330A Power Amplifier is your audio system?  As you already know, and can see above, everyone has a different opinion but it is your decision.   I agree with your retailer that the SimAudio 330A Power Amplifier is an excellent choice.  
The SimAudio 330A amplifier is a fine unit.  You can read numerous reviews online.  I was going to buy one but held off as it is an old model and will likely be updated soon.  The last updated amp was the 860A which became the 860A V2.  
I had 2 of the 330A running in Mono with the 390 as a pre.

Wonderful setup but was way way more than I needed.

I have been downsizing and have gone all tubes. 
thanks, I ordered the 330A that will power my 85F speakers. My Anthem 1120 will power the rest of the system. I just hope it works out, my other option was the Anthem 325 to power the front three
I didn't realize the Sim 330A is an older model. I can't wait for an update as I am ordering my system now
Congrats on your purchase!  It's a fine performer and the company has an excellent service/warranty policy.   Enjoy the new piece!
thanks, I won't be getting it until September. I will post how the upgrades went for me
330A is the current entry level for Simaudio Separates. Amp is an AMP the pre is what makes it. 
I see your point. I was intending on buying the Anthem 70 AVM but my dealer said my 1120 was good enough